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We will publish a newsletter series here throughout the school year, usually once per trimester. Choose how YOU want to stay in touch with SSS news! Parents can select the Subscribe button on this page to opt-in and receive the SSS newsletter by email. Or you can simply visit these pages to see what's happening any time. The choice is yours.
NOTE: If you subscribe to more than American Academy news page, you will receive all updates in no more than one email, once per day. If there are no updates to from any grade-level or specials news pages, you will not receive any updates email.
Welcome to Student Support Services (SSS) News: We will be posting SSS updates here throughout the year and we invite you to come learn more about what we do to support ALL students at American Academy.  We strive to provide families with information and helpful tools to best support their students.  This webpage is still under construction, so it is highly encouraged that you visit our Student Support Services website throughout the year to learn more about our team and to receive helpful tips to support your child at home. 


For those students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and Section 504 plans, progress reports will be sent home by Friday, November 17.  If parents have any questions they are asked to contact their student's case manager.  

CoGat results for all 3rd and 6th grade students, as well as any other students who participated in the assessment, will be sent home by Friday, November 17.  If you have any questions please contact your student's teacher or Karen Billings, American Academy's Gifted Coordinator.