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American Academy

Vaping Information Assembly - Nov. 18

Parents from all three campuses are invited to join us as we tackle the tough topic of teen vaping!

In partnership with our SRO, Officer Amy Lantz, American Academy will be hosting a Vaping Information Assembly.  Parents are encouraged to attend the assembly to learn about what to look for, the dangers of vaping, legal ramifications of minors in possession, and more.

Vaping Information Assembly - All campuses
Motsenbocker Cafeteria
Monday, November 18 at 6:00 PM

Marketing of tobacco products is hitting the airwaves hard and is targeted towards today’s youth.

  • Vaping Products
    • The tobacco industry has found another way to tempt children to try a very dangerous item.  Unlike the black lung that is associated with smoking cigarettes, vaping can cause “popcorn lung” which is an irreversible side effect of vaping.  This is caused from the chemicals that are used to flavor the Vapors.  The security features on the Vape websites to prevent underage purchases are minimal at best.  It simply takes a click of the mouse on the pop-up that says I am over 21 to allow anyone to purchase.
    • The most common kits are Juul and Phix – both of these look like USB drives and charge through a person’s laptop.
    • In the coming months, I will be partnering with our School Marshal to deliver a presentation to the middle school students about vaping.  Parents are welcome to attend this informational meeting – please be on the lookout for an email with the date and more information.
    • Colorado has the largest number of teens who are vaping in regard to the United States population.
    • Every day more cases are being reported in the news of teenagers with sever lung damage, collapsed lungs, and unfortunate deaths.
    • Here are some articles in regard to the dangers of vaping: