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School Supply Lists are Available for grades KP - 8

*Update: Admin would like to keep supply lists as they are for in-person and remote learners. There will not be any shared supplies and the "extras" will be kept separate, but will be available when the kids need something (like some additional pencils or glue sticks). Not having them on hand at school will pose problems when a student unexpectedly needs an item. And for the remote learners, having the supplies at home will be beneficial, and bringing them to school when they resume in-person learning will be necessary. Hope that helps! If ordering online, the deadline is July 20. :)
Online Ordering
American Academy is pleased to work with School Tool Box to offer our parents quality school supplies from one convenient, online source. Parents can order and pay for all of school supplies online (or just pick the ones you want) to be delivered right to your home within 10-14 business days. Parents also have the option of making a purchase toward a classroom wish list.
The ordering window for School Tool Box typically opens in late spring just before or just after the end of the school year. Orders must be placed by July 20 in order to receive them on time for school.
Shop Locally
Once the School Tool Box ordering window has opened, we will also publish the supply lists here as PDF downloads so that parents who prefer to do so may shop for school supplies locally.
2020-2021 KP-8 SCHOOL SUPPLIES (downloadable lists to shop locally):