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ALL - Upcoming DCSD School Board Elections

There is an important election on November 2nd that will decide on four new members of the Douglas County School District Board of Directors. This election will have a direct impact on our school. Our partners at the Colorado League of Charter Schools are hosting an hour-long on-line training to ensure that you know what it means to be a charter school, how the DCSD Board of Directors and their decisions affect us, and most importantly that you know the steps you need to take to be able to participate in the election. The same training will be offered on four unique dates and times. We encourage you to register by clicking on the date and time that work best for you.

Thursday, September 16, 6-7 PM
Tuesday, September 21, 9-10 AM
Thursday, September 23, 6-7 PM
Tuesday, September 28, 9-10 AM
Finally, The Alliance of Douglas County Charter Schools (of which AA is a member) will hold a candidate forum for charter school parents. Once we have more details, we will communicate them out. Read more now about the upcoming Board of Education Elections.
Can parents hold campaign events (such as car painting) on AA property?
Yes – as long as the event is outside of school hours and permission has been obtained from the school (the school must grant permission equally to all candidates, of course).
Can parents campaign on AA property during school hours?
There will be no campaigning allowed on school property (including school parking lots) during school hours. Campaigning is allowed on public streets around the school as long as it does not interfere with the movement or safety of the carline.
What about AA employees?
AA employees, like all citizens, are free to participate in and donate to campaigns on their own time, and using their personal resources. Any AA employee’s personal view is not representative of the school.