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Uniform Policy: SKORTS Ok Next Year, Not Skirts

As we near the end of the 2017-2018, we know many families are starting to sell and buy uniforms. We wanted to remind all middle school parents of the change made last spring by the Board of Directors to the Student Uniform Policy (please see the note from the email sent to all parents last year on May 17, 2017).
"Additionally, due to staff recommendation, we have eliminated skirts (not skorts, but skirts) from the girls’ middle school uniform options, effective at the start of the 2017-2018 school year. Skirts will no longer be available at the Dennis Uniform store or online, and the Uniform Resale committee will not be selling them at the event in July. Skorts are still approved and available in tan, plaid, and now navy!"
The Board did allow a one year grace period for skirts which will be expiring at the end of this school year (2017-2018). Starting in 2018-2019, per the Student Uniform Policy, those skirts will no longer be allowed.
Uniform Resale
We have reminded the Uniform Resale committee about this particular policy change and they will not be selling any uniform skirts this year.
American Academy Community
We strongly recommend that parents review the Student Uniform Policy BEFORE purchasing uniform items from any source! American Academy does NOT endorse or vet any private uniform sales (between individuals, not from Dennis Uniform) on American Academy Community or anywhere else. Buyer beware -- before you purchase, ensure that the item is on the approved uniform items list!