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American Academy

Our Policies

Depicts the current American Academy organizational structure.
Describes the composition, regulation and limitations of the American Academy governing bodies (i.e., the legal stuff!).
Describes different types of absences and how and when make-up work is given.
Download the Board of policy regarding conflict of interest
Describes elections for the American Academy Board of Directors
Describes the succession plan for the American Academy Board of Directors.
The Carpool Map for the Castle Pines campus; corresponds to the Carpool Policy.
The Carpool Map for the Parker campus; corresponds to the Carpool Policy.
The Carpool Map for the Parker campus; corresponds to the Carpool Policy.
Carpool Policy
Describes the carpool drop-off and pick-up protocol for our temporary location, as well as some traffic rules specific to our school.
Describes American Academy's policy on the payment of fees and the penalties for non-payment.
Details the curriculum standards and choices for American Academy as they pertain to our mission and vision for the school.
Describes what and when electronic devices are allowed in school.
Enrollment Policy
Outlines the enrollment process for Kindergarten through eighth grade.
American Academy's policy on extracurricular activities, including athletics and performing arts and STEM.
Describes the conditions and rates to be adhered to when leasing space at American Academy.

Field Trip Policy
Describes the procedures used for non-overnight field trips.

Grading Policy
Shows overall grade matrix, as well as the late homework grading scale for students K-8.
Describes the terms for enrollment in American Academy's kindergarten program, including tuition requirements (for full-day) and location of the Kindergarten program.
Describes the terms for enrollment in American Academy's KindiePrep program, including tuition requirements, fees, and program withdrawal.
Makes clear the selection parameters and rules of use for library materials for students and teachers.
A policy for creating policies at American Academy.
Describes the process and channels of communication for parents to communicate issues or recommend policy changes and additions.
Describes how out of date items are disposed of.
Outlines student behavior expectations, and describes the rewards for good behavior as well as the procedures for discipline. The specific consequences for discipline are detailed in the American Academy Consequence Matrix.
Describes the procedures, criteria, and decision-making authority for student acceleration and retention.
Describes American Academy Student Uniform intentions and expectations in detail, including exceptions for sixth through eighth graders.

Visitor and Volunteer Policy
Provides guidelines and protocols for American Academy visitors and volunteers.