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About Rebels Athletics


Students will develop a sense for teamwork and fair play, competitive drive and self-control, self-confidence, and love for sport in the context of a culture of strong character and personal challenge. While we will strive to win, we will always emphasize character over being right and healthy life lessons over victory.
American Academy is proud to offer the Rebels Athletics program to all middle school students at all American Academy campuses. The program includes boys and girls soccer, boys and girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball, and boys and girls (combined) cross country.


Fall (August - November)
Boys soccer, girls volleyball, boys and girls cross country
Winter (December - February)
Boys and girls basketball
Spring (March - May)
Boys volleyball, girls soccer


Registrations for Rebels Athletics activities are typically available within a month prior to the start of the activity. Detailed game or meet schedules will be provided by coaches once the activity season begins. Check the School Store or contact your campus Athletic Director for more details about activity practice dates and times.

Participation Eligibility

All American Academy middle school students at every campus are invited to participate in American Academy Rebels Athletics activities! However, parents and students should understand that participation on a Rebels Athletics team is considered a privilege, and, as with other extracurricular activities, is dependent on scholastic eligibility and other behavior expectations per our Extracurricular Activities Policy. Students struggling with core subjects or behavior issues may be ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activities. It is recommendation that parents read the Extracurricular Activities Policy for details prior to registering for any Rebels Athletics activity.


Because American Academy teachers run our extracurricular activities based on the number of sign-ups prior to the activity, all activity fees are non-refundable unless the activity is cancelled by the coach due to low interest.
Late Registration and Missed Attendance
Timely registration and regular attendance for all Rebels Athletics activities are the responsibility of the parent and the student. The activity fee does not reflect the number of days your student attends the activity; rather, the activity fee is a flat fee budgeted to cover the costs to the school and the teacher for each activity that runs, and is the same for each student enrolled in that activity, regardless of the number of days the student attends. For this reason, American Academy does not prorate activity fees for late registrations or give refunds to students not in attendance each day of the activity.
Pick-Up from Athletics Activities
Athletics activities pick-up will be through the a late afternoon carpool process. Parents should remain in their cars as usual; coaches will bring students outside to meet cars after the practice or game is over, unless otherwise communicated.
Late Pick-Ups
Late pick-ups from athletics activities are strongly discouraged. ALL students whose parents are late to pick them up from an activity that end before 6:00 pm will be sent to Crash Club and the family will be charged a flat late pick-up fee of $9.00/late pick-up/student (the daily student cost of Crash Club) regardless of final pick-up time. Multiple late pick-ups may result in the family being excluded from the Rebels Athletics activity or other extracurricular activities for the remainder of the school year without a refund.

Questions about Rebels Athletics?

CP Athletic Director: Coach Mark Leadbetter
LM & MB Athletic Director: Coach Josh Morman