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Welcome to Student Support Services (SSS) News: We will be posting SSS updates here throughout the year and we invite you to come learn more about what we do to support ALL students at American Academy.  We strive to provide families with information and helpful tools to best support their students.  This webpage is still under construction, so it is highly encouraged that you visit our Student Support Services website throughout the year to learn more about our team and to receive helpful tips to support your child at home. 
Updated 5/24/18:
The following communication was sent our to all families of Douglas County School District.  We wanted to post it here incase our families missed it as it contains some great information regarding mental health resources for families as we enter the summer break.
      Dear DCSD Families,
            Summer break is upon us - for most of our students, that means fun in the sun, lazy days and the chance for our older students to earn some money.  We know that many children do better with routine, predictability and scheduled activities to manage downtime. Summer break can be stressful for some children, though, especially those who are prone to mental health and behavioral challenges.
Below is a list of resources for parents, should you have a concern that your child may be experiencing behavioral changes, mood swings, depression, or suicidal thoughts.
Updated 5/8/18:


For those students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and Section 504 plans, progress reports for the end of the 3rd trimester will be sent home by Friday, May 18 for the Castle Pines and Motsenbocker campuses and Friday, June 1 for Lincoln Meadows.  If parents have any questions they are asked to contact their student's case manager.  


Updated 2/15/18: Mental Health News

Can you believe March is right around the corner?  With Spring on the horizon, we have a lot to look forward to at American Academy.  The third trimester of the ’17-’18 school year is going to be a busy one, filled with lots more learning and fun.  This time of year can be more stressful and exhausting for students, their families, and educational staff alike.  It is important that we are all taking care of ourselves both physically and mentally.  As a starter, take some time as a family to discuss those things that help give us balance in life and then be sure to support each other with those things when life can become a bit stressful and overwhelming.  This Student Support Services update focuses on supporting children when they express anxiety and provides mental health resources to families when experiencing signs of depression or other more significant mental health concerns.


What to Say to Children When They Are Anxious:

As our children are moving into the third trimester they are dealing with many emotions. This may include excitement for summer vacation, stress from homework, conflict with peers, transitioning to high school, and a host of other emotions. Spring is an exciting time in schools but it is also a time that can lend itself to anxiety in our children and ourselves.  The following resources provide some helpful information around anxiety in children and coping with stress.


Signs of Mental Health Illness:

Mental health needs in our society as a whole have increased, and we find ourselves wanting to know more about how to identify signs of mental health needs in others.  The following resources provide information on helping to identify warning signs or symptoms of what might be a call for mental health support. 



For more information and resources around these topics, please visit the Student Support Services School Counseling and School Counseling Resources pages.  As always, American Academy is always here to support our families so please do not hesitate to reach out to our Student Support Services team.