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This is the news page for STEM news and information. The STEM department will be posting our updates here throughout the year.

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Week of August 27, 2018
7th Grade STEM Trip: Catalina Island Marine Institute, MB/LM Campuses, 8/26 - 8/31
The 2018-19 STEM Trip season is off to a great start! STEM Trip Administrator Chris Todd, along with several other chaperones, are in California with the participating Motsenbocker and Lincoln Meadows 7th grade students. They arrived safely - parents, please remember that no news is good news! You will be contacted immediately if there is a problem. This is the most popular trip for good reason, and we look forward to hearing all the amazing stories upon the students' return!
Elementary STEM Units
We can't wait to get started with our elementary students in STEM this year! Our instructors spend the first part of the year organizing and chaperoning our STEM trips, but we will welcome the 4th graders into their first STEM Discovery unit just after Labor Day. Subscribe to the website for updates!
Middle School Engineering Trimester
Our 8th grade students are already hard at work practicing their CAD skills! This year, they will have the opportunity to deepen their CAD, circuitry, and coding skills ahead of the final project. The 8th Grade STEMapalooza at Motsenbocker is scheduled for Monday November 12, and the Castle Pines event is scheduled for Tuesday November 13. Our first Lincoln Meadows STEMapalooza will be held immediately following the 6th grade unit in Trimester 2. More details to come!
Changes for 2018-19 School Year
Every summer a few things happen that drastically impact the plan for the coming school year. Life happens! This year we have two big changes that will impact all three campuses.
  1. For one year only, we will have one staff member teaching the Kindergarten and 1st grade STEM Discovery Week units at all three campuses.
  2. Due to the overwhelming costs associated with running FIRST robotics competition teams, we are winding down our involvement. Our staff is currently investigating alternatives and we are confident we will find an amazing replacement that will be more accessible for more families for next school year! For 2018-19, we will run FLL at the Castle Pines campus only - students with previous FLL experience from our other campuses are welcome to register and participate at our CP campus. Email instructor Julie Weiss ( with questions.
Fall Extracurricular Activities
Fall STEM ECAs are currently under review and in the process of being posted on the School Store. Check back for updates!
Coming this fall:
  • 2nd Grade Science Club - 2nd grade at all 3 campuses
  • Full STEAM Ahead: Lego Create! - K, 1 at all 3 campuses
  • Explore Engineering: Sphero - 3rd, 4th, 5th grade at all 3 campuses
  • Non-Competitive FIRST Lego League - 4th grade, available at CP campus only
  • Competitive FIRST Lego League - 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade, available at CP campus only
  • Engineering Academy: CAD Laser Lamps - 6th, 7th, 8th grade, available at CP and MB (Engineering ECAs will begin in early 2019 at our Lincoln Meadows campus!)
  • SciFi Book Club - 6th, 7th, 8th grade, available at CP campus only