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American Academy

American Academy All School Registration

August 7-8, 2019

All American Academy families (new and returning) are required to attend the American Academy All School Registration event. This event takes place in August, just before the start of the new school year.
American Academy All School Registration takes place IN PERSON. K-8 students must attend wearing a uniform top in order to have student pictures taken.
At American Academy All School Registration, parents can expect to do the following:
  • Register KindiePrep students
  • K-8 school photos (K-8 students must attend registration in uniform top)
  • Receive ability group placement letters
  • NEW! Bring in email confirmation for American Academy online registration (completed during DCSD Express Check-In Registration process)
  • Turn in medications, signed release forms, and updated immunization records to Health Assistant
  • Get help with School Dismissal Manager set-up
  • Sign up to volunteer

Don't Lose Your Student's Spot at American Academy!

Both the DCSD Express Check-In Registration AND American Academy All School Registration must be completed annually in order to hold student spots at American Academy. Deadlines for both registration events must be met; failure to meet these registration deadlines may result in your child being unenrolled from American Academy and an offer extended to another child on our waitlist. In the event that your student is unenrolled, you will be required to add your student back to the American Academy waitlist to wait for a future opening at the school.