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Happy Fall!

Happy Fall to all!
 I hope everyone had an amazing fall break! We are back full swing! I want to thank everyone for coming to Parent Teacher Conferences! I hope everyone found the information helpful! Please remember if you have any questions about how your child is progressing in school I am always here to answer! Feel free to email me or set up a time to talk. 
 We have started our community helpers unit this week! We will be learning about teachers, fire fighters, police officers, nurses and chefs/bakers this week! On Wednesday for our chef unit we will be making apple dump cake in the crock pot! I am so excited to share this treat with your children! I am including the recipe for this cake in this post! On Friday of this week we will be having a police officer come into our classrooms to share with our Kindie Prep students all about being a police officer!`
 With the weather getting colder outside please make sure that you are sending your child with a jacket or coat and hats and gloves to wear on the playground! We go outside everyday unless the temp outside is below 28 degrees. Something to practice at home is zipping coats and tying shoes. Please work with your child on learning how to do these two skills on their own :-) It is very helpful for the teachers at school when they know how to tie their shoes and zip their own coats.
 I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Thank you!
 Mrs. Seib