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American Academy

November 22, 2019

Hello Parents and Families!
  Our stone soup was a huge success today! The kids loved getting to cut the veggies and put everything into the pot to cook! Our room has smelled so good today! Thank you to everyone who signed up and brought  ingredients!
 Next week is Thanksgiving break! Enjoy the time off with your kiddos! I hope you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving!
 When we come back from break we will be working on Winter, Force In Motion and Winter Festivals! There will be lots of fun activities and lots of opportunities for learning and growing! Our classroom will also be doing Elf on the Shelf for the month of December! That silly elf will be playing tricks on the kids everyday and bringing fun treats like candy canes! Our classroom Christmas party will be on the last day of school before winter break December 19th! Parents are more than welcome to come to the party! We will have games and fun art projects for the kids to do! 
Thank you again for all of your support!
 Meghan Seib