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STEM Projects of the Week - Optional

May 18, 2020
We are providing a little smaller of a list this week since some of the projects are good for wide age ranges. As always, if your family participates in any of these challenges, please share photos with us! We would love to see the kids engaged in STEM - even over the summer!


Build a Balancing Robot! Use pennies attached to a paper robot to help your child experiment with and learn about center of mass/gravity!



Kindergarten/1st Grade

Make Your Own Straw Rocket! This video shows students how to make a breath-powered straw rocket using readily available materials. Your child(ren) can decorate their rocket - and then play with it to see how far they can make it go!


2nd/5th Grade

Make Your BEST Straw Rocket!Build a simple straw rocket - powered by your own breath! Once it works, conduct a few tests to gather data and make your rocket the very best it can be! Make it a family competition - who can make their rocket travel the furthest? (If your child is on the young side of this range, or you want some more "unstructured" fun time, let them build the rocket and try to improve it all on their own!)


Middle School/High School

Turn Trash into Treasure! Waste is a big problem for our modern world. Your challenge this week is to take something that would be considered "trash" and turn it into something useful - "treasure!" The link has some ideas to inspire you - but this is a great chance to be creative while trying to solve two problems at once!
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