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Anastasia (Parker Cast)

Below is the enchanting cast for our Castle Pines cast of Anastasia! Every member has infused their distinctive talent into the production, ensuring a spellbinding experience. Kudos to our extraordinary Castle Pines cast - you are the shining stars of this show!
Parents - please note that we will communicate with you all via the Band App (not email). Please sign up ASAP. If you cannot find the link, please email [email protected]
Students - please note that we will communicate via our Anastasia Google Classroom. You have been invited via your email address. If you cannot access the classroom or find your invite, email [email protected]
As promised, below is the calendar for our upcoming production of Anastasia— as you prepare for these rehearsals, please pay attention to the five specific things to note.
1. The word "company" refers to every cast member in the production. When you see that word, ALL performers are expected to be there.
2. The "Pages to Prepare" section in the sheet's third column indicates that we anticipate your student to review, listen to the music, and grasp their role/responsibility for the specified pages before attending rehearsals. Our rehearsal approach will involve both large and small group settings, and to meet the goals, we will work diligently in both settings.
3. Please note the schedule for Saturday rehearsals; those, as mentioned before, will rotate between various campuses. These dates are not new and have been available since registration in October.  
4. Kindly be aware that determining the shows assigned to the leads/understudies with 1-2 shows is still pending. Once we have finalized the details, we will promptly communicate that information to you, likely by early February. I appreciate your understanding and patience regarding this matter.
5. We won't perform the expletives or references to alcohol as written in the script. We'll guide your students through this, but for Middle School parents, it would be helpful if you could inform them before our read-through. We've made adjustments to a couple of character names in the scripts. "Happy-Go-Lucky (1,2,3)" replaces the term "drunk (1,2,3)" on page 33. To ensure appropriateness for our students, we'll omit the top portion of that page and commence the dialogue with Anya's line, "They know where we're living." Another modification is on page 45, where the character "smoker" is now called "Misty Molly." There may be additional changes we will need to make, and when those arise, we will notify you all.
Finally, a Google Classroom has been established for your students (and they have been invited to that class - via their aak8 email). Within this virtual space is a video of the Broadway cast of Anastasia that they can enjoy. This video showcases the entire show, and I'm confident they will find it delightful. FYI - The more they can listen and prepare, the higher the quality of our performances will be.
We acknowledge that this process has been demanding for everyone, and we appreciate your dedication throughout auditions, callbacks, script pick-ups, and noting the 2024 schedule in your calendars. We are grateful for your hard work supporting your students and their talents. We strive to create a program that facilitates a stress-free learning experience for this show. I am confident that, together, we will successfully achieve our goals, and we cannot wait for everyone to dig into the wonder of this show.


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