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American Academy

Waitlist Information

Join the 2024-2025 Waitlist!


Instructions on how to create a SchoolMint Enroll account can be found here: SchoolMint Enroll-How to Create A Guardian Account.

Log into your SchoolMint Account to check your waitlist status at any time.

If you have technical issues at any time during the process, please contact SchoolMint Enroll Technical Support for Families.


The registrar's office will begin making email and/or text offers (using the information provided to us in your SchoolMint account), on the day following the lottery. Upon receipt of an offer of enrollment, parents have 72 hours (time-stamped) to accept or decline that offer. Upon accepting an offer of enrollment, parents will have 5 calendar days to turn in all completed enrollment paperwork. If your family was offered a spot at any time and you did not respond or declined the offer, your family was removed from the waitlist. It is a family's responsibility to submit a waitlist application via SchoolMint Enroll if you are still interested in enrollment.


When an offer is accepted by your student, whether it’s at the campus of your first choice or last choice, your student will automatically be removed from the waitlists at any other campuses you may have applied to. There is no option to remain on the waitlist at other campuses after accepting an offer. If you wish to wait for an opening at a different campus, you will need to decline the offer you received; you will then be removed from the waitlist at the campus that generated the offer, and you will forfeit your place in line for that campus. There is no guarantee you will receive an offer from other campuses and there is a risk of not being offered enrollment in the future.