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American Academy

Waitlist Information

To join the American Academy online lottery waitlist, you will need to create an account using our online waitlist system (link below). Once you have created your account, you may log back in at any time to review or change your waitlist information, or to check on your waitlist status. Offers for enrollment are conducted by a randomized LOTTERY system - it is not first-come-first-served. Everyone who adds themselves to the waitlist prior to the date of the lottery has an equal chance. For more details about our lottery, please see our Enrollment FAQ page.
Join the American Academy lottery waitlist We are now accepting waitlist entries for 2023-2024! Entries submitted for 2022-2023 are no longer active & you'll need to add yourself back for 2023-2024.

The process of extending offers, across all three campuses, is in a constant state of motion. We are unable to answer inquiries about a student's 'odds' of receiving an offer - there are simply too many factors at play (number of openings, number of students on the waitlist, the accept/decline rate of offers being extended to families who are in front of you, which campus a family who's in front of you has chosen, current families deciding they are unable to return which creates vacancies, families who accepted an offer previously but then decided they will not attend, etc). Typically, the majority of offers are extended to families by January 31st, although we do continue to make offers all the way through August 1st as vacancies open up. Again, we encourage you to check your waitlist positions frequently by logging into our Online Waitlist Access.