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American Academy

About Enrollment

American Academy enrolls all new students (including our KindiePrep students) via random lottery because we want every child to have an opportunity to attend our school. The American Academy enrollment lottery will be run on December 5th (or the first school day thereafter should the enrollment date ever fall on a weekend). All students entered in the American Academy lottery waitlist by 11:59 pm on December 4 are included in the lottery on December 5th. For more information on our lottery procedure, please review the American Academy Enrollment Policy.
To ensure the school's waitlist database is current, families must reapply each year they wish to be included in the lottery.  Families that applied in a prior year will be removed from the waitlist for future lotteries on September 1 (or the last school day prior should September 1 fall on a weekend) of each year.  On September 2 (or the school day following the waitlist 'clean'), you may add your family back to the waitlist.  

If you are a KindiePrep family wanting enrollment for the 2022-23 school year, please contact KindiePrep directly to add to the waitlist for the current school year.

In District vs. Out of District
Per our school's charter contract with DCSD, we are legally obligated to extend offers of enrollment to in-district families before we extend offers to out-of-district families. Address submitted must be your current address of residence; do not provide an address for a planned or future residency. If you reside outside of Douglas County School District at the time we extend an offer, but indicated you lived in-district at the time of the lottery, we will be required to rescind any offers of enrollment and will adjust your waitlist position to reflect out-of-district residency. 

Kindergarten Entrance Age Requirement

Per Douglas County School District Kindergarten Requirements, eligible children must be five years of age by October 1 of the school year they plan to attend.
Early Access into Kindergarten or 1st Grade
For children who do not meet the age requirements for kindergarten or 1st grade, but their parents believe they may be able to handle the academic, social and emotional demands for that grade level, please see Douglas County School District's requirements and deadlines for Early Access Process to Kindergarten/1st Grade. While DCSD policy for neighborhood schools has a provision for students who attend an 'accredited kindergarten program' at a younger age, American Academy, as a charter school, does not follow the district's policy. Rather, American Academy follows the Colorado Department of Education's definition of Early Access eligibility, which includes a student being formally identified as gifted through an early access screening and/or assessment process, administered by DCSD, to determine if a child meets early access criteria and is eligible to enroll in kindergarten or first grade earlier than their birthdate would otherwise allow. Per our requirements, families must apply for Early Access consideration through DCSD and the student must be qualify as 'eligible' in order to receive early access at AA. American Academy does not consider enrollment at private and/or accredited preschools/kindergartens to be a sufficient basis for early admission - Early Access at American Academy will only be extended to students who qualify through DCSD's Early Access process. 
For students who do not qualify as 'eligible' for early admission, they will be enrolled in the grade level that aligns with their date of birth. Their learning will be met at their individual level of proficiency through American Academy's ability-grouping model. Using regular data collection and progress monitoring throughout the school year, students are placed in an ability group that will target the instruction and skills they need based on their proficiency level. In addition, our Student Support Services team monitors all students for progress and, as appropriate, will initiate the Gifted Referral Process based on evidence of possible giftedness.