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One student waves at the camera as a larger group of children stand around a short wooden fence on blacktop watching players chase a ball

Motsenbocker students enjoy the new gaga pit, a gift from the class of 2018.

Three young students sit on the floor facing to older students in chairs holding a model of a sea star and a dissection tray

Seventh graders recently back from a trip to CIMI guide first graders through a marine science dissection unit.

A tall dark-skinned man in a grey t-shirt and dark athletic shorts stands in front of a room and speaks while holding a microphone

Ervin Johnson, formerly of the Denver Nuggets, talks to American Academy students about good sportsmanship.

One girl and seven boys in red and white tank tops with school logo stand in line and smile in front of a scattered crowd of cross country participants

American Academy students get ready to push their limits at a recent cross country meet. Run, Rebels, run!



Because we know that integrating science with technology with engineering with math with arts (visual and performing) will develop engaged and well-rounded students who are prepared and excited for high school and the world beyond.
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American Academy Character


Because nice guys do finish first, and because good students are also kind, polite, and respectful students who know how to effectively apply and share their knowledge and skills with others in the real world.
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Random Lottery


We ONLY enroll students through our online lottery waitlist system. Just join our lottery waitlist for your student's opportunity to attend American Academy!
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No Tuition


We are a K-8 charter PUBLIC school and, like other public schools, we are funded by the State of Colorado. So it's FREE for all K-8 students to attend American Academy!
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