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American Academy

Lottery Information

How the Enrollment Lottery Works

Interested parents must join the American Academy lottery waitlist by 11:59 pm on December 4 in order to be included in the lottery,
Parents who have already joined our enrollment lottery waitlist are encouraged to log in and confirm information in the lottery waitlist system before December 4th. You may request to have your PIN number sent to you if you have forgotten it.
If your family was offered a spot at any time and you did not respond or declined the offer, your family was removed from the waitlist. It is a family's responsibility to resubmit their information to American Academy if you are still interested in enrollment.


Within just a few hours after the waitlist lottery is run on December 5, families will be able to see real-time updates on their student lottery status. The waitlist is dynamic, meaning family waitlist positions will change as other families accept or decline spots.


The registrar's office will begin making email offers (using the email address provided to us in the waitlist lottery system), on the day following the lottery. Upon receipt of an email offer of enrollment, parents have 24 hours (time-stamped) to accept or decline that offer. Upon accepting an offer of enrollment, parents will have one week to turn in all completed enrollment paperwork.  



  • Families have ONE WEEK to submit necessary paperwork to American Academy.  If paperwork is not submitted, American Academy will assume you are declining the offer of enrollment and your student's spot will be released to the next student on our waitlist.  
  • Incomplete enrollment paperwork packets will not be accepted. Please drop paperwork IN PERSON to the front office. We are required by DCSD to see the original birth certificate, driver's license and proof of residency. We will make copies of those items to keep in the file.