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American Academy

K-8 Student Roster Verification Days - Sept. 21 & 28

Why are these Thursdays special?
This year, the state is requiring, in addition to our traditional Count Day on September 21, three Roster Verification Days. This means they will be looking at the number of students in attendance all day on all three days. In fact, they are looking so closely, we are required to take attendance every period, all day long, on each Roster Verification Day. Again, this is new this year and we have just learned about these additional roster days -- we apologize for the short notice!

What do they do with the roster and count day info?
In case you aren't already familiar with the basics of how public school funding is allocated in Colorado, each school receives a certain amount of money each year to run the school and teach its students, and that amount is called "per pupil revenue" or PPR. The state uses the student counts from these official dates to determine how many students are actually attending each school in a school year so they can distribute those state monies accordingly and appropriately.

And in case you aren't familiar with charter public school funding, we are already at about a 15-20% funding delta compared to traditional public schools. We aren't complaining -- it's just a fact and has always been, and we do wonderful things with what we have -- but we need every penny we can get! :)

What if we already have appointments scheduled or a sick child?
Please just do what you can to have your student at school on these important days! We are respectfully asking parents to reschedule any non-emergency appointments scheduled for any of these Thursdays, if possible (and we do know it's not always possible and we do know this is late notice for tomorrow -- again, many apologies). Sick students should be kept home, as usual.

We look forward to seeing ALL of our wonderful students AT school on September 14, 21 and 28 -- thank you for your support!