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PKR Library Needs Your Help This Week!
PKR - Want to get a head start on your volunteer hours for 16-17? Come to the PKR library any time this week (July 25 -29, 10:30 am - 3:30 pm) and help Ms. Fenton get text books and library books organized and ready for the new year! No need to sign up or call ahead - just come to the library door, knock, and Ms. Fenton will let you in.
Email Ms. Fenton
DCSD Express Check-In Registration
CP&PKR - Douglas County School District’s Express Check-In online registration is now open for all students who attend public school in Douglas County – that means parents of ALL K-8 American Academy students (this does not apply to KindiePrep students) must complete this district-level registration. The deadline to complete the registration is August 8.

DCSD’s Express Check-In registration is separate from and in addition to American Academy’s All School Registration. In fact, all K-8 American Academy families will need to complete DCSD Express Check-In before attending the American Academy All School Registration on August 10-12.

To access the DCSD Express Check-In registration, you will need your Infinite Campus login (user ID and password) to enter the system and to pay your student fees. If you have not yet received your Infinite Campus login information, or if you have forgotten the information, please email the registrar, Joanie Wherry, for help.

>> Click here to register with DCSD’s Express Check-In

Enjoy the time off and we'll see you in August!
Resale Volunteers Needed
CP&PKR - Want to get a jump on your 2016-2017 volunteer hours, receive some benefits and have fun? The Uniform Resale is in need of additional volunteers to work the sale on July 30, as well as other times in the next couple of weeks.
Click for details
Uniform Resale - July 30
CP&PKR - Plan to attend the Annual Uniform Resale on Saturday, July 30, from noon - 3:00 pm at the PARKER campus (new this year). Over 200 families have registered and dropped off items for you to enjoy 50% - 80% savings. There is a $1.00 entry fee to help offset event expenses.
HELPFUL HINTS: Bring $1's and $5's in cash or plenty of checks since all items are sold at the individual level. Know your kids' uniform item sizes ready before you come. And visit the Uniform Resale webpage for more tips on making this a successful event for YOU.
Questions? Contact uniforms@aak8.org.
Uniform Resale Drop-Off Deadline - July 22
There is still time to clean out those closets and make some money for yourself or the school if you donate! Deadline to register and drop off gently used items is Friday, July 22. There are four summer drop-off locations. Sell or donate your outgrown uniforms items. Donated items are allocated back to your student's campus. You do not have to be present to participate. Proceeds will be available at registration August 10 - 12 at specified times.
Visit the Uniform Resale page for details
American Academy All School Registration
CP&PKR - All American Academy parents, including KindiePrep parents, must attend IN PERSON the All School Registration on either August 10, 11, or 12 at your own campus. Don’t forget to bring your printed student fees receipt (see the student fees article below)!

ALL KindiePrep parents must come to the Parker campus to register KindiePrep students at the same times as K-8 registration; no KindiePrep registration will be offered at the Castle Pines campus.

(K-8 ONLY)
Aug 10: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, CP cafeteria
Aug 11: noon - 5:00 pm, CP cafeteria
Aug 12: 9:00 am - noon, CP cafeteria

Aug 10: noon - 5:00 pm, PKR cafeteria
Aug 11: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, PKR cafeteria
Aug 12: 9:00 am - noon, PKR cafeteria

2016-2017 Student Fees
CP&PKR - No change to last year's students fees! They are listed below for your convenience.

IMPORTANT: Once you have paid your student fees, print and bring your receipt to the American Academy All School Registration on August 10, 11, or 12! You are required to present this receipt in order to receive your 2016-2017 carpool ID card which you will need to collect your student through the carpool process.

2016-2017 STUDENT FEES
Grades K-4 = $275.00 per student
Grade 5 = $275.00 (fees) + $75.00 (One-to-One) = $350.00 per student
Grades 6-8 = $305.00 (fees) + $75.00 (One-to-One) = $380.00 per student

One2One Parent Information Meetings
CP&PKR - New middle school (grades 6-8) American Academy parents and incoming 5th grade parents should plan to attend a One2One parent information meeting in August. Though not required, the meetings are recommended for parents of any students in grades 5-8 participating in One2One program for the first time. Parents may attend meetings at either campus - choose a date and location that's convenient for you! The dates and times are below so you can plan ahead. If you have any questions about our One2One laptop program, please contact Cara Black.

Aug 10 – CP 1st floor Media Lab – 10:00 am - 10:30 am
Aug 10 – CP 1st floor Media Lab – 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Aug 11 – PKR 1st floor Media Lab – 10:00 am - 10:30 am
Aug 11 – PKR 1st floor Media Lab – 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Aug 11 – CP 1st Floor Media Lab – 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Aug 12 – PKR 1st Floor Media Lab – 11:00 am - 11:30 am
Aug 30 – CP Cafeteria – after carpool (30 min)
Aug 31 – PKR Cafeteria – after carpool (30 min)

New Middle School Uniform Options for Girls
CP&PKR - There have been a few changes to the available middle school (grades 6-8) GIRL uniform options going forward:

- The plaid middle school skirt has been discontinued due to very low sales.
- The khaki box pleat middle school skirt has been discontinued due in response to changing styles.

If you own either of these items, your daughter may still wear them to school; they just won’t be for sale any longer. Additionally, we added a few items to the middle school options. Both new items are currently in-stock at the Dennis Uniform store and online.

- NEW! The Taylor blouse in short or long sleeves, with American Academy logo
- NEW! Khaki Brooklyn skt

There have been a few minor pricing adjustments throughout the K-8 catalog -– you can review changes for 2016-2017 before you shop by downloading the catalog for your student’s campus and grade below.

Castle Pines K-5 uniform catalog
Castle Pines 6-8 uniform catalog
Parker K-5 uniform catalog
Parker 6-8 uniform catalog

Stay in or OPT OUT of School Pool by August 22
CP&PKR - Each year, American Academy participates in the Denver City of Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) Way to Go/School Pool carpool directory to help American Academy families connect with each other to share school carpool responsibilities. IMPORTANT: All American Academy families will be included in School Pool carpool list automatically UNLESS you specifically request that your information not be included using the link below. You will need to use your registered family last name and family carpool ID number (both shown below) to complete the opt-out.

Click to OPT OUT of the Way to Go/School Pool carpool list
Deadline to opt-out: August 22

If you do want to stay in and participate in School Pool, your information will ONLY be shared with other American Academy families for the purposes of arranging carpool situations; Way to Go/School Pool will not sell it to other businesses, agencies or third parties. Likewise, we ask you to treat family information with same degree of privacy.

Ask the Parent Advisory Board (PAB)
CP&PKR - Do you have some “little” questions about school, like, “what color socks can my student wear with his uniform?” or “how long does carpool take?” Email the PAB! The PAB is a group of parent volunteers from each campus who respond to parent questions and feedback pertaining school policies and procedures. They are a GREAT resource for new and returning parents! If you have questions. If they don’t know the answer themselves, they will find out or help connect you to the right resource.

Click here to email the PAB-Castle Pines
Click here to email the PAB-Parker

Choose DCSD Hot Lunch Options
American Academy has contracted with DCSD Nutrition Services to provide our students with healthy lunch options each school day in 2016-2017. A full lunch (with milk) is $3.00 and milk only is $0.75. Visit the My School Bucks Website to sign up for a DCSD lunch account. Once you are signed up, your student can order lunch or milk anytime!

DCSD provides a number of a la carte lunch options for students to choose while they are moving through the lunch line. If you’d prefer to NOT allow your student to buy any of those a la carte items, you can just say “no!” Download the DCSD opt-out form, complete and print, and turn into your campus front office. We will pass it along to the DCSD lunch staff and it will be noted in your student’s DCSD lunch account.

Review the Parent Handbook for 2016-2017
CP&PKR - Summer reading for parents! We don’t require anyone to memorize the American Academy Parent Handbook or the KindiePrep Parent Handbook, and there won’t be a quiz, but during the All School registration we do ask you to sign a form that says you have read it and understand it. :) It’s important information about American Academy, so please make sure you are familiar with the content.
Save the Date for K-5 Open House and PTO-CP Ice Cream Social
CP&PKR - Mark your calendar for the American Academy KindiePrep and K-5 Open House and PTO Ice Cream Social on Friday, August 19, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm! All families are invited to attend. Students will get to meet their teachers, unpack their school supplies, arrange their desks, and explore their classroom and the school. And if that wasn’t excitement enough, the PTOs will be serving up ice cream outside of the cafeterias on the blacktop. KindiePrep and K-5 students will be all ready for school to start on Monday, August 22!

Middle School students will bring their school supplies on the first day of Middle School (Thursday, August 18). See you there!

Important Summer Event Dates
CP&PKR - Check out the Events Calendar on the right and write them down or print this webpage out and stick it on your refrigerator. It's good information to keep you in touch with what's happening in the summer months! We also sent these dates out in the May 31 school newsletter, for your reference. Happy summer!
2015-2016 Final Report Cards
CP&PKR - Final report cards have been published to Infinite Campus – please log in to view and print them for your permanent records. Some classes may have no grade for a trimester if your student did not take the class that trimester. Here is how to access your student’s report card:
  1. Log into your Infinite Campus parent portal.
  2. Under your student’s name, click on Reports.
  3. Select the Report Card report appropriate for your student’s grade.
  4. You may print for your records.
If you have lost your Infinite Campus parent portal login information, please email Joanie Wherry. If you are having trouble accessing your students’ report cards, please email Denese Gardner.

Summer Camps
CP&PKR - We still have room in some of our summer camps and American Academy students, we want YOU! Find an American Academy friend, register today in the American Academy School Store, and join some of your favorite American Academy teachers for fun this summer as we play music, paint, draw, read, run, hike, dance, code, play and relax! All currently enrolled American Academy students from both campuses are welcome at all of our camps. The teachers running these camps need to make summer plans for themselves, though, so sign up ASAP! They will be confirming your camp registrations about 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the camp.
Summer Reading and History Assignments
CP&PKR - Pull up a hammock and get ready to read (and do a little history work if you are in Middle School) this summer! All elementary (grades K-5) have reading assignments for over the summer break, and all middle school students (grades 6-8) have reading and history assignments for over the summer break. Middle school students will also need to complete a short project related to their summer reading book to prepare for the new school year.

This year, we've got all the summer work info you need in one place -- just click on the Summer Reading and History button at the top of the American Academy News section on the front page of the school website. Check the left navigation for reading or history by campus and scroll down to find assignments by grade.

Front Office Dates and Hours
CP&PKR - Do you have paperwork to drop off? Want to see if your student left their jacket at school during field day? Have questions about next year? The Castle Pines and Parker front offices will be open for only a few days during the first week of summer break, and only for limited hours. Additionally, the front office will open again on August 8 with limited hours, but be closed for one day for professional development on August 15. Please take note of those days and hours below and come on in to get your stuff done!

Tuesday May 31 - OPEN, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Wednesday, June 1 - OPEN, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Thursday, June 2 - CLOSED for the summer
Monday, August 8 - OPEN for the new school year (limited hours)
Monday, August 15 - CLOSED (all staff professional development)

Settle Your School Store Account
CP&PKR - Need to pay a School Store balance? Download these instructions for accessing your account and making a payment or paying the whole thing off, and start the 2016-2017 school year off with a clean slate!

IMPORTANT: until your School Store balance is paid in full, your student will not be allowed to register for any new extracurriculars in 2016-2017!

Buy 2016-2017 School Supplies
CP&PKR - School supply lists and online ordering with our new vendor, School Tool Box, are ready for you to start your 2016-2017 shopping. Online ordering service is available for your convenience but it's totally optional - you are also welcome to shop locally for supplies. For the online option, visit School Tool Box online to start ordering any time and the supplies will be delivered to your home within 10 days. No need for early summer ordering - the deadine to order online is July 31.

BEFORE YOU CHECK OUT ONLINE…be sure to check out the grade-level wish lists and grant some teacher wishes!

2016-2017 SCHOOL SUPPLIES Order online with School Tool Box
Download lists to shop locally:
Castle Pines K-8 List
Parker PreK-8 List

Find a Teacher Tutor
CP&PKR - American Academy teachers sometimes offer private tutoring sessions during the summer hours. We listed those teachers on our list of available teachers for the subjects and grade-levels that you need, and then contact the teacher directly using the preferred communication method(s) listed. Happy summer learning!

*American Academy is not involved in these private tutoring arrangements in any way, aside from this webpage. The timing and terms of tutoring, including payment, will be a private transaction between you and the teacher.

Free Kids' Summer Lunches
CP&PKR - DCSD Nutrition Services is offering all students 18 years old and under free lunch throughout the summer. The lunches will be served at various locations and time, Monday through Friday, June 6 - July 29. Download the flyer and note the lunch locations listed below:

Centennial Park, 22 Gilbert Street
12:15 pm - 12:45 pm
The Pines at Castle Rock Apartments, 6221
Castlegate Drive
Serving 11:45 am - 12:15 pm

Watermark Apartments, 18588 Mainstreet
Serving 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm
Parker Hilltop Apartments, 19600 Clubhouse Drive
Serving 11:00 am - 11:45 am

2015-2016 Yearbooks Still Available
CP&PKR - Just visit TreeRing online and have it shipped to your home. Be sure to use the correct American Academy campus passcode!

Castle Pines campus code: 1014458991442831
Parker campus code: 1014323184062819

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Event Calendar
Jul 25 - Aug 8
DCSD Express Check-In district-level registration opens online (register)
Jul 30
American Academy Uniform Resale, 12:00 - 3:00 pm, PKR cafeteria
Jul 31
School Tool Box online ordering deadline (order)
Aug 1
BOD Special Meeting (agenda)
Aug 8
CP, PKR and KP Front offices open for the school year (limited hours)
Aug 10
New Castle Pines K-8 Parent Information Meeting, CP cafeteria, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Aug 10
New Castle Pines K-8 Parent Reception, Duke's Steakhouse, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Aug 10-12
CP&PKR - American Academy All School Registration
Aug 11
New Parker K-8 Parent Information Meeting, PKR cafeteria, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Aug 11
New Parker K-8 Parent Reception, location TBD, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Aug 15-17
NO SCHOOL - Professional Development
Aug 18
Aug 19
KindiePrep and K-5 Open House, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm, CP and PKR campuses
Aug 22
Aug 26
PKR - Student Individual Pictures
Aug 28 - Sep 2
CP&PKR - STEM trip (Grd 7): Catalina Island Marine Institute
Aug 31
NO SCHOOL K-1 ONLY / Regular school day for KP & 2-8
Sep 5
NO SCHOOL - Labor Day
Sept 5 - 16
CP & PKR - STEM unit (Grd 4): Return to the Moon
Sept 5- Sept 30
CP - STEM unit (Kindergarten): Mechanical Engineering
Sept 5 - Nov 11
CP & PKR - STEM unit (Grd 6): Engineering Academy
Sep 14
Middle School Conferences, 4:30 - 6:00 pm, CP&PKR cafeteria
Sep 15
Middle School Conferences, 4:30 - 6:00 pm, CP&PKR cafeteria
Sept 19 - Oct 21
CP - STEM unit (Grd 2): WeDo
Sept 19 & 20
CP - STEM Field Trip (Grd 4): Challenger Learning Center
Sept 21 & 22
PKR - STEM Field Trip (Grd 4): Challenger Learning Center
Sep 23
NO SCHOOL - Professional Development
Sep 29
CP - Student Individual Pictures
Oct 4-5
PKR - KindiePrep Student Individual Pictures
Oct 5
KP-5 conferences, 4:00 - 7:00 pm, various classrooms
Oct 6
KP-5 conferences, 4:00 - 7:00 pm, various classrooms
Oct 7
NO SCHOOL - Teacher Comp Day
Oct 10-14
NO SCHOOL - Fall Break
Oct 17 - Nov 11
PKR - STEM unit (Kindergarten): Mechanical Engineering
Oct 24 - Nov 18
CP & PKR - STEM unit (Grd 5): EV3
Oct 27
Middle School conferences, 4:30 - 6:00 pm, CP&PKR cafeteria
Oct 28
NO SCHOOL - Professional Development
Nov 8
PKR - RETAKES for Student Individual Pictures
Nov 10
CP - RETAKES for Student Individual Pictures
Nov 14 - 18
PKR - STEM unit (Grd 1): Marine Biology
Nov 17
CP - STEM-a-Palooza (Grd 6) Gym
Nov 18
PKR - STEM-a-Palooza (Grd 6) Gym
Nov 18
Nov 21-25
NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break
Dec 5 - 9
PKR - STEM unit (KindiePrep): Curious George Builds a House
Dec 5 - Feb 17
CP & PKR - STEM unit (Grd 7): Engineering Academy
Dec 7
NO SCHOOL K-1 ONLY / Regular school day for KP & 2-8
Dec 12 - Jan 24
CP & PKR - STEM unit (Grd 4): EV3 Robotics
Dec 19 - Jan 2
NO SCHOOL - Winter Break
Jan 2 - Feb 3
CP - STEM unit (Grd 1): Chemical Engineering
Jan 3
NO SCHOOL - Professional Development
Jan 4
Jan 11
KP-5 conferences, 4:00 - 7:00 pm, various classrooms
Jan 12
KP-5 conferences, 4:00 - 7:00 pm, various classrooms
Jan 13
NO SCHOOL - Teacher Comp Day
Jan 16
NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Day
Jan 30 - Feb 24
CP - STEM unit (Grd 3): WeDo Robotics
Jan 31
PKR - Class Pictures
Feb 2
CP - Class Pictures
Feb 9
Middle School conferences, 4:30 - 6:00 pm, CP&PKR cafeteria
Feb 13 - March 17
PKR - STEM unit (Grd 1): Chemical Engineering
Feb 16
CP - STEM-a-Palooza (Grd 6) Gym
Feb 17
PKR - STEM-a-Palooza (Grd 6) Gym
Feb 20
NO SCHOOL - President's Day
Feb 24
Mar 6 - May 12
CP & PKR - STEM unit (Grd 8): Engineering Academy
Mar 13 - April 7
CP & PKR - STEM unit (Grd 2): Claymation
Mar 20-24
NO SCHOOL - Spring Break
Mar 27 - April 7
CP - STEM unit (Kindergarten): Play STEM
Mar 30
Middle School conferences, 4:30 - 6:00 pm, CP&PKR cafeteria
Apr 9 - 15
CP& PKR - STEM trip (Grd 6): Olympic National Park
Apr 17 - May 5
PKR - STEM unit (Grd 3): Sphero
Apr 17 - 28
PKR - STEM unit (Kindergarten): Play STEM
Apr 27
Middle School conferences, 4:30 - 6:00 pm, CP&PKR cafeteria
Apr 27 - 29
Jr. FLL World Expo; St. Louis, MO
Apr 28
NO SCHOOL / Teacher comp day
May 1-5
CP - STEM unit (Grd 1): Marine Biology
May 3
NO SCHOOL K-1 ONLY / Regular school day for KP & 2-8
May 7-14
CP & PKR STEM Trip (Grd 8) Costa Rica
May 10
KP-5 conferences, 4:00 - 7:00 pm, various classrooms
May 11
KP-5 conferences, 4:00 - 7:00 pm, various classrooms
May 18
CP - STEM-a-Palooza (Grd 6) Gym