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Not Getting Emails from the School or PTO?

We want our parents to stay up-to-date with the school newsletters and emails you want to receive! However, we are getting some reports that emails from the school and/or PTO are going straight into SPAM or Trash folders.
How can you solve this? In many cases, it is your email server that is blocking the school. The level of sensitivity for blocking emails (or for classifying them as junk or trash) is dependent on your own historical patterns of rejecting emails -- your email server LEARNS what you think is junk. And in many other cases, your email server has built-in sensitivity levels for bulk emails (like our school newsletter), and will automatically reject anything we send.
If you think this may be happening to you, be on the look-out for regular newsletters and emails -- we send all-school newsletters out on Fridays (typically) and grade-level and department subscriptions go out on Thursdays (typically), so be sure to check in Junk and Trash on those days if you think you've missed something from us. If you do find our emails there, make sure you tell your email that it's not junk or not to block this sender (that puts us on your safe senders list)!
Or you can go directly into your email application settings and add "" right to your senders list (also called a "white list" in some email apps). It's usually easy to Google for instructions on how to do this in your particular email application.
Finally, for the Friday all-school newsletter: if you continue to not receive the newsletter, you have the option of trying to sign up again with the same email or with a different email account. You can do that by completing the online newsletter opt-in form. That link is always under the News section on the home page of our website, and here, for your convenience:
Remember, the emergency communications system is NEW this year, and you MUST opt-in this year if you would like to receive emergency communications this year (even if you opted in last year)!
If all else fails, please contact Communications at American Academy and we'll do what we can to try to help get you online!