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KP-5 Conferences - January 22 & 23

KP-5 grade: January 22 & 23
Conferences are scheduled by signing up for a conference time with your grade level teaching group. A parent email will come directly from your grade level with a link to sign up for a conference time.

The Student Support Services team will be available during elementary parent conferences at all campuses. They last 20 minutes each and start at 4:15pm. If you would like to sign-up, please visit the What’s Happening in SSS page to schedule your time with a specific member of our Student Support Services team at the appropriate campus.

For Specials, please see your campus website under the specific Specials listed.


Middle School Conferences - January 16 (completed)

We will welcome parents and MS students into the cafeteria for conferences at 4:30 pm and then send you home promptly at 6:00 pm (everyone is TIRED by 6:00 pm – it’s time to go home). :) Middle School conferences take place in-the-round and are first-come, first-served, meaning the teachers will all be at tables in the cafeteria and parents will go around the room to take turns meeting with them. Students are encouraged (but not required) to attend with parents.
The SSS team will also be present at the middle school conferences. There are no sign-ups for these nights so feel free to stop by the SSS table.