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Original Works is Back Just In Time for the Holidays!

Original Works is back just in time for the holidays!  And this year, you’ve got two easy online ordering options, both of which shipping directly to your home.  Directions are below.  All three campuses are using an online version this year, giving everyone the chance to order lovely gifts featuring our amazing young artists’ work.  Proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit the American Academy Visual Arts Department.  These funds cover the vast majority of art supplies at our school. 


Order deadline for both methods is Friday, December 4th 


Method #1: Online Gallery.  If your child was in-person between September 28th and October 29th, your child’s art should be in our private online gallery with Original Works.  Go to the Original Works online gallery login ( and enter your campus’ code.  Make sure to only capitalize the first letter as it’s case sensitive: 

Castle Pines: Amac 

Motsenbocker: Aacs 

Lincoln Meadows: Acslm 


Artworks are organized by homeroom.  If your student has changed homerooms, make sure to double-check under both teachers’ names.  In some cases, a student was absent or accidentally took their art home before their teacher got a chance to scan it.  So, if you don’t see your child’s art online, simply scroll down and use Method #2. 


Method #2: Scan or Photograph Artwork at Home.  This option works best for those whose artists were remote between September 28th and October 29th, but it’s also good for anyone whose artwork seems to be missing from the online gallery for whatever reason. 

Create a high quality photo or scan of your artist’s work.  Then go to and create your own account.  Upload the artwork, order some lovely gifts, and don’t forget to enter this special remote campus code at checkoutIf you don’t enter this code, your campus will not receive any art supply funds: 

Castle Pines: AMAC2 

Motsenbocker: AACS2 

Lincoln Meadows: ACSLM2 

Here’s a video explaining in detail how to scan and upload your own artworks: 


If you have any questions, please reach out to your campus-specific K5 art teacher.  Or you can visit their web pages below: 

Castle Pines: Ms. Gallegos ( 

Motsenbocker: Mr. See (

Lincoln Meadows: Ms. Moore (