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American Academy

Student Photo Retakes and Class Pictures

Get ready for class pictures and individual photo retakes!

Student Individual Picture Retakes (8am-10am)

Grades K-8 and KindiePrep*:

LM - October 3rd

MB - October 5th

CP - October 6th

*KP: if student is not attending on this day of the week, please bring them in for retakes.


K-8 Class Photo Day:

MB – November 1st

LM – November 2nd

CP - November 8th

KindiePrep Class Photo Day:

MB KindiePrep - November 1st & 2nd
LM KindiePrep - November 2nd & 3rd


Van Gogh School Photographers will be taking individual retake photos for those children who were not present on picture day or whose photos did not meet your standards.

Approximately two weeks after picture day, a proof will be sent home with your student that will include information on how to view their picture(s) as well as how to place your order online. All orders placed will ship directly to the students home.

RETAKES: If you would like you child to participate in retakes please have your child return the original proof sheet to our photographer on retake day.

REFUND POLICY: Return the entire picture package to Van Gogh and indicate that you want a refund. Include the name of school, who to make the check out to and return address. No partial refunds given.

Contact Info:
Van Gogh School Photographers Inc.
602 Park Point Drive Suite 140 Golden CO 80401