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American Academy

Lincoln Meadows Original Works Orders

Lincoln Meadows campus only: The Original Works Orders will be sent out Friday, Jan 14, as well as the beginning of next week. Please open your order and check to make sure everything is accurate and complete. 

If something in your order needs to be fixed, please email Melissa Lopez at no later than Friday January 21st, 2022.

If your order is incomplete and/or damaged, I need the following information: 

  1. Problem. Please briefly describe the problem with the product (missing, incorrect, damaged, etc.).
  2. Product. Please list what product is missing, incorrect and/or damaged.
  3. Student Code which should be found on the packing slip.
  4. Student info. List the student name, grade and teacher.
  5. Description. Provide a brief description of your child's artwork, including orientation (horizontal or vertical). Here is an example: “The artwork is horizontal, it's an ocean with a red boat. Timmy signed his name in the lower right-hand corner."