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American Academy

Exciting School Uniform Change for Next Year

During the past spring BOD/Leadership retreat, our principals requested the board consider a slight change to the uniform policy, and it was approved! The change is in regard to the hoodies / zip up sweatshirts that our students wear. Up until now, students could only wear the red and navy Dennis brand sweatshirts Monday through Thursday, and any school related / spirit gear sweatshirt on Fridays.
Starting in August of 2022, students (see grade level specifics below) may wear the following:
Middle School (6-8): will be allowed to wear, Monday - Friday, ANY and ALL school related / spirit gear sweatshirts. This includes any sweatshirt purchased from Dennis Uniform or Ambition Apparel, any sweatshirt purchased on a STEM trip, sweatshirts relating to Performing Arts, or a sweatshirt from any other school related activity or event. Our principals felt that by middle school the students have earned a bit more autonomy and want to recognize the transitional period between elementary and high school.
Elementary School (K-5): will be allowed to wear, Monday - Thursday, any red or navy sweatshirt from Dennis Uniform, OR any red or navy approved sweatshirt from Ambition Apparel (our Spirit Gear vendor). We are finalizing the Ambition Apparel sweatshirt options for this change and will communicate out soon. Students will not be allowed to wear other spirit gear related item Mon-Thurs, only the approved sweatshirts from Dennis or Ambition. Students may continue to wear any approved Spirit Gear item on Friday, just as in the past.
We are finalizing some great options with Ambition Apparel, and will open the store for a limited time mid-summer so families can purchase any of these approved sweatshirts and have them in time for school to start. These will be fun and comfy options, along with the red and navy sweatshirts still available from Dennis Uniform.
If you have questions regarding this change, please email [email protected]