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American Academy

Summer To-Do Checklist

Your Summer To-Do Checklist!

In addition to enjoying Summer Break, we have a short checklist of IMPORTANT American Academy summer to-do's, which each family needs to accomplish in order to get ready for school next fall. You can print the checklist with the link below, and jump to the web page with the complete Summer Checklist details and instructions.

[   ]   1. Know your family's important account access information.

[   ]   2. NEW families ONLY: Opt in for emergency communications.

[   ]   3. Download the school year calendar and note important summer dates.

[   ]   4. Start summer reading, math review (and history for 6-8 only) assignments.

[   ]   5. Sign up for an American Academy summer camp.

[   ]   6. Find a summer tutor.

[   ]   7. Buy school supplies.

[   ]   8. Get ready for DCSD Online Express Check-In.

[   ]   9. Get medications and immunizations ready for school.

[   ]   10. Get ready to wear our student uniform.

[   ]   11. Buy American Academy spirit gear.

[   ]   12. Get connected to American Academy.

Print the checklist to help you keep track of your progress.