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American Academy

Summer To-Do Checklist

Your Summer To-Do Checklist!

In addition to enjoying Summer Break, we have a short checklist of IMPORTANT American Academy summer to-do's, which each family needs to accomplish in order to get ready for school next fall. Read through the list for a quick overview and then select the long red button below to jump to the web page with the complete Summer Checklist details and instructions.

[   ]   1. Know your family's important account access information.

[   ]   2. Familiarize yourself with emergency communications.

[   ]   3. Download the school year calendar and note important summer dates.

[   ]   4. Start summer reading, math review (and history for 6-8 only) assignments.

[   ]   5. Sign up for an American Academy summer camp.

[   ]   6. Find a summer tutor.

[   ]   7. Buy school supplies.

[   ]   8. Get ready for DCSD Online Express Check-In.

[   ]   9. Get medications and immunizations ready for school.

[   ]   10. Get ready to wear our student uniform.

[   ]   11. Learn about ordering American Academy spirit gear.

[   ]   12. Get connected to American Academy.

Print the checklist to help you keep track of your progress.