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American Academy

Carpool Updates and Important Information

Two top priorities at American Academy (among others) are to keep your children safe and provide them with a top-notch education. Our carpool system is a BIG part of the safety aspect, and there are things in place to help maintain the safety of students, parents and staff.
Please see these reminders and help us by doing your part:
  • Volunteers are SO important and help our staff with carpool and lunch duties. Your help is needed and appreciated! Please reach out to your front office to help; 1 hour or 10, it all helps!

  • Please allow enough time in your morning commute to have your student in their seat by 8:05. If you are in the cone zone after 8, it is highly likely they will be tardy.
  • If your student isn’t in their seat by 8:05, you need to park and sign them in. Marking that they will be late in SDM does not excuse their tardy, you must sign them in.
  • Only let kids out in the cone zone. Never let them out in the two lane area or before the cone zone, even if it is past 8:05 and the staff has come inside. This is extremely dangerous!

  • SLOW down in school zones and be extra diligent around the crosswalks.

  • Please use our professionally designed carpool system to drop off / pick up students. Do not park in the parking lot to drop off or pick up - this is dangerous and causes extra problems.
Thank you for doing your part to help keep our kids safe!