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American Academy

State Testing (CMAS) Coming Up in April

Spring CMAS tests are annual state tests all public schools are required to administer to students. Don't worry -- our teachers are preparing our students everyday through regular daily instruction, so no need to do anything special to get student ready for these tests! 
These are, however, important and valuable tests, so we are aiming for 100% participation! We use CMAS data (now that the test is several years old and has been vetted) to help us identify the targeted needs of individual students and to inform flexible grouping decisions -- the more students who take the test at American Academy, the more of accurate that data is for each student at our school. We use CMAS data to improve overall school performance. And state testing provides an objective report on how American Academy is doing while keeping us accountable to YOU, our parents.
Because it's an important test, we are asking parents to avoid scheduling non-emergency appointments for students in grades 3-8 on CMAS testing dates.
All Campuses - Grades 3-8
(ELA & Math)
4/9/19 - 4/10/19
All Campuses - Grades 4-8
4/11/19 - Social Studies - Grades 4 & 7
4/11/19 - Science - Grades 5 & 8
For more information, please see our State Assessment page.
Thank you!