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American Academy

New Families to Thank for Volunteering Over 40 Hours!

We simply can't do it all without the help of our parent volunteers! That's why we need every family at American Academy to contribute 40 volunteer hours every year. We know our families are already busy with jobs and family and life in general, so we truly appreciate the valuable gift of your time. Thank you!!
Abramson Family
Alaimo Family
Babcock Family
Bohler Family
Bojanic Family
Bowers Family
Brin Family
Cerminara Family
Cheung Family
Choudhary Family
Clark Family
Colwell Family
Critikos Family
Dayton Family
Feldmeier Family
Frazier Family
Garber Family
Gossman Family
Grealy Family
Harmon Family
Hashim Family
Hasse Family
Hodges Family
Hritz Family
Hudson Family
Humphrey Family
James Family
Jauhri Family
Lithgow Family
Maciolek Family
Martinez Family
McClintock Family
Meyers Family
Ones Family
Palmer Family
Patterson Family
Peoples Family
Phillips Family
Pierce Family
Rasmussen Family
Richards Family
Rosenbach Family
Satishkumar Family
Schepemaker Family
Schuster Family
Singh Family
Smartz Family
Stamison Family
Traylor Family
Williams Family
Davidson Family
Doubt Family
Kinsman Family
Kuehl Family
Lazar Family
McLean Family
Smith Family
Williamson Family
Claggett Family
Collett Family
Gopalakrishnan Family
Hutchins Family
Long Family
Metcalf Family
Montreuil Family
Pepple Family
Rainsberger Family
Shibilski-Unkel Family
Starr Family
Wegner Family
Still looking for the right time and place to volunteer and do your 40 hours? There are so many wonderful opportunities! Contact the PTOs (CPLM, MB) to join a committee or volunteer a few hours on a project! Come volunteer for morning or afternoon carpool (please!) or during lunch/recess. Get involved with Performing Arts! Email the library assistants (CP, LM, MB) and take on some library tasks! Reach out to a teacher for home-based volunteer activities! And be sure to log those volunteer hours in our online Volunteer Tracking system so we can recognize and thank you. You are needed and you are welcome. Thank you in advance, wonderful parent volunteers!