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District Art Show Winners Announced!

The 2018 Douglas County School District Art Show, a K-12 visual exhibition, took place April 6-9, and we had quite a number of students bring home cash prizes and ribbons this year! Great job, students! We are so proud of you!

Middle School Prize/Ribbon Winners

Olivia Staab (CP-8), Photography, 2ND PLACE CASH PRIZE
Kayla Chessnoe (CP-7), Drawing, HONORABLE MENTION RIBBON
Devan Macon (MB-7), Graphic Design, 2ND PLACE CASH PRIZE
Beckham Argosin (MB-7), Graphic Design, HONORABLE MENTION RIBBON

Elementary School Prize/Ribbon Winners

Hadley Bess (CP-5), Drawing, BEST OF SHOW CASH PRIZE
Chloe Im (CP-2), Drawing, BEST OF SHOW CASH PRIZE
Aiden Dexter (CP-3), Drawing, FIRST PLACE CASH PRIZE
Congratulations also to all of our talented nominees and our hard-working art teachers. We love seeing your beautiful work in our hallways and in our homes throughout the year.

2018 American Academy DCSD Art Show Nominees

Laura Bushong (K), Acrylic and India Ink Pumpkin

Cassidy Garrett (K), Multimedia Penguin
Carys Johnson (2), Colored Pencil Bird

Cloe Im (2), Colored Pencil Drawing

Aiden Dexter (3), Elephant Pencil Drawing

Corbin Smith (3), Clay Plaque

Cohen Sitzmann (4), Oil pastel Pear, Clay Polar Bear
Everleigh Larsen (4), Oil pastel cherries

Hadley Bess (5), Multimedia pineapple and clay mug
Magen Carlson (5), Clay Box, Clay Mug and Clay Plaque

Andrew Buchold (5), Joker Drawing
Zach Buchold (5), Dog Drawing

Natalie Xikes (5), Penguin Drawing

Amelia Solano (5), Multimedia Dress
Drew Cooke (5), Mug Drawing

Jack Brown (5), Watercolor Self-Portrait Painting
Carson Adams (5), Underwater Clay Sculpture
Brynne Casto (7), Skull Pen & Ink Pointillism Illustration

Kayla Chessnoe (7) Feather Pen & Ink Pointillism Illustration
Claudia Swiecki (8), Tiger Pen & Ink Pointillism Illustration

Elise Barton (8), Cat Pencil Drawing

Emmersyn O'Mara (8), Puppy Dog Pencil Drawing

Kate Miller (8), Boat Pencil Drawing
Advanced Art Club 1, Multimedia American
Academy Logo

Advanced Art Club 2, Multimedia American Academy logo
Sterling Hesse (1), Self Portrait

Leah Orlando (1), Self Portrait

Rogan Ellis (2), Mutated Animal

Clara Hesse (3), Sushi

Gabe Fretheim (3), Landscape in a Jar

Kylen Bussey (3), Landscape in a Jar

Paul Robinson (4), Islamic Architecture

Ian Marshall (4), Mask

Avery Ruth (5), Humanity

Jocelyn Katrenick (5), Mandala

Michelle Ma (6), Kio Fish

Savanah Jameson (6), Flower

Ben Theissen (6), Cheeseburger
Julianna Arnold (K), Fish Sculpture

Walter Black (K), Fish Sculpture

Bridgette Foery (K), Matisse Flowers

Ava Nelson (K), Fish Sculpture

Austin Overstake (K), Shark Sculpture

Pavila Sathis (K), Robot

Shriya Sura (K), Fish Sculpture
Zoe Abraham (1), Cubist Face Sculpture

Rishi Dangeti (1), Monster Sculpture

Veronica Kuo (1), Color Mixing Lightbulbs

Clara Lubinski (1), Monster Sculpture

Camden Petzinger (1), Eyebrow Guy Sculpture

Joseph Sadler (1), Tut Meets Klimpt

Lylah Birch (2), Scratch Racoon

Aadhya Geedipally (2), Georgia O’Keefe Flower

Lincoln Hudson (2), Abstract Canvas

Kruthi Kunala (2), Unicorn Cat Sculpture

Chloe Montreuil (2), House Sculpture

Alex Petrie (2), Crazy Face Sculpture

Talan Smith (2), Paul Klee Abstract

Phoebe Han (3), Navajo Rug

Alexandra Isberg (3), Monster Sculpture

Barrett Kinsman (3), Matisse Guitar Collage

Haley Marshall (3), Rainbow Unicorn Sculpture

Maddie McGarraugh (3), Navajo Rug

Sarah Stevens (3), Ballet Slippers in Charcoal

Grace Tanaka (3), Navajo Rug

Adrianna Arnold (4), Cross Sculpture

Colten Booher (4), Calligraphic Wildcat

Abhiman Gowda (4), Dragon Sculpture

Kade Hriso (4), Skateboard Sculpture

Jason Hume (4), Skateboard Sculpture

Molly Liotta (4), Mama Dragon Sculpture

Kadence Preston (4), Illuminated Manuscript

Sienna Sickler (4), Illuminated Manuscripts

Natalie Blum (5), Calligraphic Cat

Hannah Cyril (5), Fox Sculpture

Gracyn Gates (5), Porcupine Sculpture

Amanda Gillette (5), Mummy Sculpture

Alexia Henry (5), Fish Sculpture

Alexia Henry (5), Roll the Dice

Chloe Lemonds (5), Ballet Slippers in Ink

Caden McVeigh (5), Skateboard Sculpture

Hannah Rozen (5), Turtle Sculpture

Talia Russell (5), Wildcat Sculpture

Allegra Santilli (5), Mermaid Sculpture  
Mei Lin Chang (6), Gecko Digital Oil Painting in Art Rage

Aryav Rastogi (6), Gold Fish Digital Oil Painting in Art Rage
Beckham Argosino (7), Logo Design Adobe Illustrator

Devan Macon (7), Logo Design Adobe Illustrator

Jacob Rainsberger (7), Ballerina Spray Painting
Alex Ko (8), Elephant Profile Pencil Drawing

Sage Jordan (8), Eyes Colored Pencil Illustration

Ellie Womer (8), Elephant Walking Pencil Drawing

Kelly Cargo (8), Adobe Illustrator Poster