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American Academy

Bringing in K-8 and KindiePrep School Supplies

KindiePrep and K-5 students will bring in school supplies to the KindiePrep and K-5 Open House on August 16, from 5-7 PM. No need to label anything ahead of time. In fact, instructions for what to label and what will be shared may vary from classroom to classroom. Just bring the supplies in to Open House and your student’s teachers will give instructions there.
Missing Open House? No problem! Just bring the supplies with your KindiePrep and K-5 students to the first day of school. K-5 parents will drop students off through carpool and then park and walk the supplies into the front office — we'll make sure they get to your student! KindiePrep parents will bring supplies in with students on day one. 
Middle school students will bring school supplies with them to school on their first day of middle school, Thursday, August 15. The first few days of middle school typically involve plenty of organizing time for supplies and lockers.