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American Academy

A Heart Full of Thanks for our Wonderful Volunteers

Thank you volunteers! Below is a list through January of our volunteers who have logged hours.
Remember that we will soon be sending a statement by email to all families, indicating your hours volunteered to date this year. We hope this helps those who want to keep track of their hours, and also help those whose employers need to see statements.
Augustini Family
Collett Family
Davidson Family
Dexter Family
Frazier Family
Glasser Family
Householder Family
Keller Family
Ones Family
Rosenbach Family
Shibilski-Unkel Family
Ansell-Gama Family
Elam Family
Hutchins Family
Jones Family
Ricafort Family
Watt Family
Adams Family
Anderson Family
Bartkiewicz Family
Bowers Family
Bretz Family
Brown Family
Carlson Family
Chouinard Family
Claggett Family
Clements Family
Dann Family
Davis Family
Fuller Family
Garber Family
Gay Family
Gieling Family
Giuliani Family
Gopalakrishnan Family
Gridley Family
Hanna Family
Haugen Family
Hendrickson Family
Holdsworth Family
Hritz Family
Hudson Family
Ishaq Family
Ison Family
Jensen Family
Knowles Family
Lingle Family
Long Family
Madsen Family
Mann Family
Martin Family
McClaskey Family
McDonald Family
Merkel Family
Mitchell Family
Montreuil Family
Myers Family
O Hara Family
Olzak Family
Pagnotta Family
Palmer Family
Peterik Family
Petzinger Family
Pierce Family
Place Family
Porter Family
Preston Family
Robinson Family
Ruff Family
Sams Family
Santaniello Family
Schepemaker Family
Schuster Family
Scileppi Family
Seibel Family
Shields Family
Smith Family
Srinivasan Family
Starr Family
Steen Family
Sullivan Family
Tai Family
Theobald Family
Tipple Family
Traylor Family
Weeder Family
Wegner Family
Welch Family
Williamson Family
Yassine Family
Young Family
Want to get going on your family's annual 40 hours of volunteering? There are lots of ways to get involved at American Academy! Check out the Volunteer web page for your campus ( > Campus > Campus Office > Volunteers) for a list of links and instructions for regular volunteering opportunities like the library, lunch and recess, and carpool. You can also reach out to your campus PTO or room parents to see what help is needed -- there is always something going on!
Have you been volunteering but haven't told us yet? Log those volunteer hours here!