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American Academy

Thank You to Our Amazing Volunteers

The entire staff and community of American Academy sends a huge shout of thanks to the families below, who've met and exceeded the 40 hours per year. And it's only March! WOW - you guys are awesome!
Bartkiewicz Family
Boccio Family
Bohler Family
Booher Family
Bosco Family
Broadhurst Family
Cardon Family
Chabarria-Garza Family
Clark Family
Cocea Family
Colwell Family
Deno Family
Doubt Family
Eide Family
Felix Family
Fitzgerald Family
Foster Family
Gay Family
Gieling Family
Hanna Family
Harmon Family
Henkart Family
Horan Family
House Family
Hudson Family
Ison Family
James Family
Jarousek Family
Jenkins Family
Jensen Family
Jimenez Family
Jordan Family
Kellerstrass Family
Kuretich Family
Large Family
Lingle Family
Long Family
Martin Family
Matarelli Family
McDonald Family
Meyers Family
Moran Family
Ones Family
Pagnotta Family
Patterson Family
Peterson Family
Pierce Family
Ramesh Kumar Family
Rosenbach Family
Schuster Family
Sievers Family
Smartz Family
Somani Family
Tepsic Family
Theobald Family
Tracey Family
Traylor Family
Trevino Family
Welch Family
Williamson Family
Zhou Family
Eide Family
Grealy Family
Kuretich Family
Smartz Family

Collett Family
Davidson Family
Dexter Family
Householder Family
Hutchins Family
McLean Family
O'Neill Family
Rainsberger Family
Shibilski-Unkel Family
Want to get going on your family's annual 40 hours of volunteering? There are lots of ways to get involved at American Academy! Check out the Volunteer web page for your campus ( > Campus > Campus Office > Volunteers) for a list of links and instructions for regular volunteering opportunities like the library, lunch and recess, and carpool. You can also reach out to your campus PTO or room parents to see what help is needed -- there is always something going on!
Have you been volunteering but haven't told us yet? Log those volunteer hours here!