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American Academy

Character Program

American Academy Character

The American Academy Character program highlights those traits which lead all of us to a consideration for and an understanding of others, truthfulness, and academic and personal excellence. For this important foundation of character, American Academy chose ten character traits which we feel best support our mission to cultivate a pleasant and safe school culture and a learning environment of respect and responsibility.
  1. Courage
  2. Humility
  3. Integrity
  4. Compassion
  5. Generosity
  6. Respect
  7. Responsibility
  8. Perseverance
  9. Self-Control
  10. Citizenship
Character content is addressed consistently and seamlessly in the classroom and tied in with the subjects being taught. Younger students receive more direct instruction about each character trait so the meaning and intent is clear and memorable. As the students grow socially and emotionally, teachers and support staff are presented with numerous and more organic opportunities for verbal reminders and classroom discussions about the meaning of each character trait, as well as related actions and scenarios. And American Academy staff members strive to model these important character traits for students in daily action and choices, and to live by the character program motto: be awesome every single day.
We know that making good character choices every day in all you do can be hard work! So we also encourage our students with school-wide character recognition through our trimester Leadership Awards and weekly student Shout Out announcements. Our teaching and support staff often create other campus-specific or classroom-specific incentives and reward opportunities for students.
And of course, because good character choices don't just happen at school, we encourage all American Academy parents to teach, discuss, and model the American Academy Character traits at home, along with any other values and character traits important to your family.
Download and print a copy of our American Academy Character posters:

American Academy Manners

If the American Academy Character is the "heart" of our character program, the American Academy Manners are the "hands." These ten easy and respectful deeds and words put our American Academy Character into action by giving students real tools to use in their interactions with other students and adults. We teach good manners in the classroom and have plenty of opportunity throughout the school day to remind and consistently model the kind of manners we want to see from our students.
Because good manners are visible and easy to catch, we also praise and recognize students when we see them demonstrating good manners at school, and we encourage our parents to do the same. The American Academy character recognition program also includes American Academy Manners, so we can publicly encourage and praise students for their actions.
  1. Make eye contact when communicating.
  2. Listen without interrupting.
  3. Wait your turn.
  4. Greet people in a friendly manner.
  5. Say “please” and “thank you.”
  6. Use “ma’am” and “sir” when responding.
  7. Take a break when you are angry.
  8. Use "bun-burger-bun" to communicate.
  9. Hold the door for others.
  10. Take responsibility for your actions.
Download and print a copy of our American Academy Manners posters:
Download your own copy of our American Academy Character poster or American Academy Manners poster: