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American Academy

About Extracurricular Activities

At American Academy, our staff is always creating and organizing new clubs and extracurricular activities (ECAs) for our students. Please check the School Store for all the details about, and to register for, the most current staff-run ECAs available at each campus.

Teacher-Run Vs. Third-Party Activities

Some of the ECAs offered at the American Academy campuses are not actually American Academy staff-run activities. Instead, they are private, third-party businesses renting space at American Academy to run an activity.
American Academy allows these third-party businesses to rent and run activities for our students in our buildings (with background checks), and we advertise their activities to our parents as part of the rental agreement. We welcome these third-party businesses! Having them on-site allows our students and parents easier access to a wider variety of activities and the rental income helps offset the cost of running our teacher-run activities. However, these third-party businesses are not in any way associated with the school.
Why the Difference Is Important
When American Academy ECAs are staff-run and school-sanctioned, our staff members know about all student medical issues.
However, American Academy cannot legally (FERPA) share confidential student information (including health information) with our third-party renters or allow them access to our student medications. Therefore, parents must provide third-party business activity managers with all student health information and instructions as well as any emergency medication in addition to that which they provide the school, even though the activity takes place AT the school.
Treat the situation as you would any other activity taking place at a non-American Academy location.
How to Tell the Difference
If it’s an American Academy ECA, you will register and pay American Academy directly through the School Store; if it’s a third-party ECA, you must pay that third party directly. Third party activities will never be available through the School Store -- the contract for participation is between you and the third-party ECA.
If you are unsure which ECAs are run by third parties, please contact Mark Middlebrooks, our ECA Coordinator. And if you ever have a question or concern about a third-party activity, please contact the third-party activity manager directly. They want YOU to be happy so they can keep renting at American Academy!