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American Academy

What To Do If You Are Leaving

We understand that family situations and education needs change and, as a charter school, American Academy understands and supports parent choice! However, since the loss of a student affects our school funding and our ability to offer spots to other students on our waitlist, please notify the Registrar as soon as possible if your student will no longer be attending American Academy for any reason.
The Registrar will send you a withdrawal packet so you can officially begin the withdrawal process. All forms may be submitted to either the front office at your campus or to the Registrar.

Returning After Unenrolling

While we very much appreciate that families sometimes wish to return to American Academy after leaving, we cannot guarantee or hold a spot for students once they have been unenrolled.
Parents interested in returning to American Academy must add students to our lottery waitlist and go through the enrollment lottery again. The enrollment lottery happens in December of each year for the following academic year.