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American Academy

Enrollment FAQ

Don't see your question answered here? We're happy to help! Call the front office at your campus or email the American Academy registrar.
Q: How many students were included in the lottery?
A: For the 2018-19 school year, 2037 students were included in the lottery.
Q: If I haven't received a call for an offer yet, does that mean I won't get in?
A: Not necessarily. In fact, we are often still making calls in the late summer! It takes several months to work through the waitlist and send out all of the enrollment invitations for the openings filled by our waitlist. If you do receive an invitation to enroll, you will have 24 hours to get back to us. Not everyone we call accepts the offer of a spot at American Academy, but we must wait 24 hours for the response or until that invitation expires before we can move on down the waitlist to offer that spot to another family. As you can imagine, this process takes some time and we have a large waitlist, so please be patient and keep checking your lottery waitlist status in our online lottery waitlist system.
Q: I forgot the PIN number for my lottery waitlist account.
A: No worries! Just send us a request for an email with your PIN number.
>  Request forgotten PIN number
Q: How, exactly, does the American Academy lottery work?
The lottery is done using our online waitlist system (to give parents as much information as possible). As part of that system, we programmed the following set of procedures to be run on lottery day (this is what happens when we "push the button").
  1. A database table was created (LotteryTable). The student information placed in the table was studentid and "in district" (true/false).

  2. Every student is placed in the table (2037 entries).

  3. Each row receives a computer-generated random number between 0 and 1.

  4. All out-of-district students have a 1 added to the random number.

  5. The table is sorted with the smallest random number on top and the largest at the bottom.

  6. The rows are assigned a lottery number in ascending order (so, the top row with the smallest random number receives a 1, next row a 2 and so on down to the last row with the largest random number).

  7. Finally, the smallest lottery number for each student from the LotteryTable is assigned to the student on the waitlist (calls will be made, by grade, in lottery number order).
Q: Why does my lottery waitlist position number occasionally move up?
A: When we extend an offer to a student, they are no longer counted as being in front of your student on the list (so your "position" would go down by one and you are one step closer to being extended an invitation of enrollment). If, however, a sibling or a staff member is added to the waitlist after the lottery (and they have priority to do so), then your number may go up one. It happens pretty rarely, but it can happen for those reasons. If you are curious about the details of those priorities, please read the American Academy Enrollment Policy.
Q: If I don't get in this year, how will that affect my chances for future years?
A: Families must reapply each year they wish to be included in the lottery. Families that applied in a prior year will be removed from the waitlist for future lotteries (per updated Enrollment Policy 10/16/2018).