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American Academy

Food at School Events

Food is always a fun addition to school events and we welcome it when we can! But we do have a few rules to share with parents in the interest of safety and academic excellence. They’re pretty simple, really, and mostly the same with one exception: food is allowed at classroom parties and learning events this year. See below for details!
  • NO FOOD BIRTHDAY TREATS allowed at school, either in the classroom or in the cafeteria. 
    Other non-food treats are welcome, per teacher discretion. This is not a change from last year, just a continuation of what you’ve already been doing. We know kiddos love birthday sweets but it just gets to be too much sugar at school with so many birthdays to celebrate year-round.

    Another oldie but goodie! We ask that all snacks sent to school for regular snack time and on field trips be nut-free. As long as the item itself doesn't contain nuts, it's ok to send it in for your own child’s snack (even if it was produced in a facility that also processes nuts). KindiePrep parents — look for a separate communication from your KP leaders with details that pertain specifically to KindiePrep.

  • FOOD IS OK FOR CLASSROOM PARTIES and other classroom learning events. 
    This means you can bring in food items in to eat as well as food items for crafts and games. However, we ask that parents work closely with teachers to ensure that any food allergy concerns are addressed in the planning process. We want to be sure ALL students can participate in the fun safely.
Questions about food with answers you don't see here? Please contact your homeroom teachers.