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American Academy


Lunch Pricing for American Academy (prices are subject to change for new school year):

Student Meal: FREE (one entree, one serving of fruit/veggie, one carton of milk).

*Free lunch comes with benefits and challenges. Please consider packing your student extra snacks, a sack lunch, and be sure to feed your student(s) a healthy breakfast.


$3.00 for elementary

$3.25 for k-8th grade

$3.50 for high school
Milk (by itself) = $1.25 
Adult Lunch = $4.50 


American Academy contracts with Douglas County School District (DCSD) Nutrition Services to bring lunch options to our campuses each school day. Sack lunches are always welcome, but if you and your student prefer, you may choose to purchase a DCSD lunch instead.
DCSD Campus On-Site Managers (*info coming for 23-24 school year)

AACP - Carolina Hutchins
AALM - Ryan Jones
AAMB - Sabithya Kuniyil

In order for students to participate in the DCSD lunch program, parents must first create a lunch payment account for each student on MySchoolBucks. The account must be preloaded with money (a credit card is required). Once their lunch payment account set-up is complete, students may purchase a DCSD lunch on any school day. Students will need to know their six-digit DCSD Student Number (different from the American Academy Family/Carpool ID Number), which can be found in your Infinite Campus parent account in the upper left corner next to the student picture.

Manage Lunch with Nutrislice app

American Academy contracts with DCSD to bring healthy, delicious lunch options to our students at school each day. Lunch menus and nutritional information have always been available online, but now there’s an easier way to look — the Nutrislice app! 
Grab the Nutrislice app to easily view lunch menu items at your campus on any given day. View nutritional information and food allergy warnings and sort the daily menu by food preferences or dietary needs to see what students can eat. You can even rate the menu items to give DCSD Nutrition Services feedback!

Opt-Out for DCSD a la Carte Lunch Items:
DCSD provides a number of a la carte lunch options for students to choose while they are moving through the lunch line. If you’d prefer to NOT allow your student to buy any of those a la carte items, you can just say “no!” 

For students to be opted out of a la carte items and snacks, parents must open their MyShoolBucks account. Click on the 3 lines on the upper right hand corner, choose “Home”, then click on “welcome” and then click on (blue in capital letters) “RESTRICTIONS”. Fill out the jot form.

**Due to under-staffing at the MB campus, MB will not be offering a la carte items until further notice (beginning in Aug. 2023).


Financial Assistance

DCSD provides lunch assistance (Free and Reduced Lunch or FRL) to interested and qualified American Academy K-8 families. To apply, please complete the online DCSD application. The application typically opens mid-July for the next school year. If qualified for lunch assistance, families will be notified by DCSD with a confirmation letter, which must then be given to the American Academy Business Services Assistant at your campus (see the list below).
  • Interested families must apply for lunch assistance every school year, even if previously qualified.

  • For questions about DCSD’s Free and Reduced Lunch program, please contact Susan Babineau at DCSD Nutrition Services
  • Contact our American Academy Business Services with additional questions at [email protected]