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American Academy

School Closures and Delays

Even though American Academy is a Douglas County School District (DCSD) school, we make our own weather calls.
This means parents should pay close attention to American Academy media (check the website and your phones first and frequently) on those mornings when bad weather is predicted. Our facilities team and administration are up VERY early, evaluating the situation from a number of locations and safety angles. Additionally, we check with our plow crews and city crews to ensure that access roads, as well as our campus parking lots and sidewalks, will be safely cleared by the time our parents and students arrive to school. Then we make the best call we can with the information we have at that early hour. If a weather call is made, we will post and notify as soon as possible, usually between 5:00 and 6:00 am.
Please check the American Academy website first and frequently! Text, voicemail, and email notifications will be sent AFTER we have posted on the website so that we can refer parents back to the website article for more details and updates. Arrival times of text and voicemail may vary between individual users.
Cancellations, closings, and school delays (late start) will be posted on the American Academy website FIRST and then broadcast on local television stations. We will then also notify our parents through the opt-in voice, text, and email Emergency Communications notification system, and on our social media channels as soon as possible.
Should there be an early release due to weather, parents will be notified on the website FIRST and then through our opt-in voice, text, and email Emergency Communications notification system on this website to pick up their students. The carpool process for an early release day will run as usual unless otherwise posted.
If DCSD cancels or closes school, American Academy will also choose to cancel or close. However, American Academy also reserves the right to cancel or close school, even when DCSD remains open.