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American Academy

About Student Support Services

Student Support Services Mission

Provide all students the opportunity to become independent confident learners, innovative, and civically responsible citizens, as well as provide support and information to both staff and parents.
American Academy Student Support Services (SSS) consists of almost 50 full- and part-time specially trained and licensed support staff serving all students at each campus in special education, English language development,  mental health, and academic support and advancement. Our full-time staff includes our School Mental Health Coordinator, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, English Language Development Coordinator, occupational therapist, and a whole team of school counselors, social workers, learning specialists, speech and language pathologists, ability grouping instructors, and educational assistants.
We are proud to be part of the amazing American Academy team of educators. We work every day to support and assist students, their parents, our administration, and our teachers with the goal that each American Academy student receives the academic and emotional support they need and the challenges they are ready for so they will thrive at American Academy and beyond.