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American Academy

About S.T.E.A.M.

S.T.E.A.M. is a commonly-used acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.
At American Academy, it means that we employ daily S.T.E.M. and arts curriculum as well as extracurricular programming to prepare our students with a solid foundation in technology experiences and skills, core science, music skills and history, engineering and problem-solving skills, visual art skills and history, and math. It means we teach them how to use science skills and technologies as directed tools in the disciplines of visual art and music. And it means that we show them how art and creativity drive innovation in science and technology and how all of that helps shape our culture, our histories, and our communities.
While American Academy's S.T.E.A.M.curriculum instructs student in core subjects, teamwork skills, and critical thinking and problem-solving, it also provides them with a safe space to try, to fail and to learn to persevere. They learn that failure is not an end point, but a bump in the road, an opportunity for insight, and a launch point for the next try. They learn the confidence that comes with trying something new and unfamiliar, and from working hard to improve and succeed at difficult and sometimes uncomfortable challenges in a lab, on paper, on stage and in life. They learn about the frustrations and joys of teamwork, and how to solve problems without obvious or easy solutions.

S.T.E.M. + Visual and Performing Arts

Our extracurricular S.T.E.A.M. programming is divided into two major areas of concentration, S.T.E.M. + Visual and Performing Arts. All students are encouraged to explore and try new things in both concentrations. Many of our programs intentionally connect across these areas of concentration. Parents can view those extracurricular activities as they become available throughout the school year on our School Store.


Some examples of extracurricular STEAM opportunities:

  • School musicals
  • Acting techniques
  • Instrumental classes for band and orchestra
  • Choir, beginning and advanced
  • Visual arts clubs, beginning and advanced
  • Minecraft club
  • First Lego League
  • Second grade science club
  • Yearbook club
  • Robotics club
  • Broadcasting club
  • Creative movement
  • Musical theater
  • Dance
  • Engineering certification
  • Piano and music theory
And so much more!