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American Academy

Summer Tutoring

Some of our American Academy teachers like to offer private tutoring sessions during the summer months. We have listed those teachers here for your convenience and to give our wonderful, hard-working teachers a helping hand.
However, please note that American Academy is not involved in these private tutoring arrangements in any way. To make arrangements for summer private tutoring, you will need to contact the teachers directly using the contact info they have provided here.

Summer 2018

We will add tutors as we receive their information.
Grade level(s): K-2
Math and Reading
Instructor: Anna Singleton – CP
Availability: Monday, June 4 through Wednesday, June 27; Monday-Wednesday 9:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m.
Location: Room 209
Contact: (303) 803-3276
Grade level(s): K-4
Science, math, reading.
Instructor: Madison Pozner – LM
Availability: Mon - Fri. Flexible hours. June 11-August 5th.  
Location: LM room 221
Contact: (720) 989-4264
Grade level(s): K-5
Subject(s): Math, Reading and History
Instructor: Laura Donovan – LM
Availability: Flexible
Location: Lincoln Meadows Room 2017
Contact: (303) 263-0422
Grade level(s): K-8
Subject(s): All subjects
Instructor: Erin Harris – MB
Availability: I am available pretty much any date/time.  
Location: TBD
Contact: (703) 946-4772
Grade level(s): Grade 1-5
Math, Reading and Writing
Instructor: Tammi Avila – MB
Availability: Tuesday Mornings
Location: MB Room 226 OR Parker Library
Contact: (720) 234-0641
Grade level(s): Grade 2
Subject(s): Math/Literacy
Instructor: Nicole Fisher – CP
Availability: 1-3 Days a week. Any hour block from 12pm to 6pm
Location: CP room 248
Contact: (231) 313-3105
Grade level(s): Grade 2
Literacy, Math, Science,
Instructor: Mackenzie Kyster – CP
Availability: Flexible - starting in June
Location: CP Room 249
Contact: (303) 818-5976
Grade level(s): Grade 2-4
Math, Literacy
Instructor: Alyssa Endo – LM
Availability: Flexible - weekdays only
Location: LM 222
Contact: (808) 554-7282
Grade level(s): Grade 2-5
Math, reading, writing
Instructor: Anna Doody – CP
Availability: Tuesday and Thursday mornings
Location: CP Room 235
Contact: (303) 519-4132
Grade level(s): Grade 2-6
Subject(s): Math
Instructor: Dana Baker – LM
Availability: Flexible
Location: TBD; possibly Parker Library
Contact: (720) 317-3891
Grade level(s): Grade 2-8
Literacy - Reading, Spelling, and comprehension with emphasis on students with dyslexia or reading difficulties.
Instructor: Linda Olson – LM
Availability: TBD (mostly 9 to 3)
Location: 80138
Contact: (303) 913-5572
Grade level(s): Grade 3-6
Literacy and Math
Instructor: Erika James - MB
Availability: Flexible, preferably between 7:30 am - 10:00 am.
Location: MB Room 227
Contact: (719) 369-8379
Grade level(s): Grade 3-8
Instructor: Kara Allen - CP/LM
Availability: Flexible dates and times
Location: CP 321
Contact: (303) 913-6870
Grade level(s): Grade 4-6
Literacy - reading, phonics, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, writing, math - Saxon curriculum through Course 1 & 2 (middle school math), as well as focus on specific areas (such as multiplication facts, fractions, and conversions)
Instructor: Sierra Wren – MB
Availability: Any day/time, with the exception of 5/30-6/15
Location: TBD
Contact: (720) 298-7277
Grade level(s): Grade 4-8
Saxon 4 & 5, Course 1 & 2, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra II,
Trig, Calculus and History
Instructor: Mark Leadbetter – CP
Availability: Very flexible
Location: CP 322 or any Douglas County Library
Contact: (513) 328-0009
Grade level(s): Grade 5-8
Saxon 5, Course 1 & 2, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I
Instructor: Karen Liotta - MB/LM
Availability: Willing to work with families and find times that work.  
Location: TBD
Contact: (303) 918-8797
Grade level(s): Grade 6-8
English - grammar, reading, and writing
Instructor: Shannon Donohoe – CP
Availability: Full availability as of now.
Location: CP Room 319
Contact: (720) 270-9386
Grade level(s): Grade 1-8
Private instrumental music lessons: Flute, piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, snare drum, xylophone, violin, viola, cello, double bass, and beginner/intermediate piano.
Instructor: Amanda Rusten - CP
Availability: Tuesdays Late morning to late afternoon.
Location: CP Room 327
Contact: (303) 915-8367
Grade level(s): Grade 3-5
Subject: Math, Literacy
Instructor: Nicole Grubb - MB
Availability: Flexible
Location: TBD
Contact: (720) 810-6965
Grade level(s): Kindergarten & 1st
Subject(s): Reading, Writing and Math
Instructor: Lori McMorrine - MB
Availability: TBD based on interest
Location: Mb Room 159, Lone Tree Library
Contact: (904) 881-8332
Grade level(s): KindiePrep
Subject(s): KindiePrep - all subjects
Instructor: Mikki Woods - MB
Availability: June 4 - June 29, Monday - Friday, Flexible hours
Location: MB Room 144
Contact: (303) 669-1264
Grade level(s): K-4
Subject(s): Reading, Writing, and/or Math
Instructor: Sarah Miller - LM
Availability: Flexible
Location: LM or MB
Contact: (303) 204-2209

Grade level(s): Grade 3-8
Subject(s): Math (Saxon 3-Course 2 or math topics for grades 3-8)
Instructor: Sharon Mazzitelli - MB
Availability: Weekdays- early and late mornings or late afternoon/evenings
Weekends- anytime
Location: your house or TBD
Contact: (303) 931-6574

Grade level(s): K-3
Subject(s): Math and Reading
Instructor: Christine Chardon - MB
Availability: Monday-Friday
Location: TBD
Contact: (425) 381-1998

Grade level(s): K-8
Subject(s): Private Art Lessons (Drawing, painting, Print making or ceramics)
Instructor: Kelsea Fischer - CP
Availability: May 28th- July 6th (M-F)
Location: CP #219
Contact: (303) 884-3429

Grade level(s): Grade 6-8
Subject(s): Science, Engineering and STEM
Instructor: Chandler Baldwin - MB
Availability: Flexible most days during the week.  
Location: MB Room 301
Contact: (303) 301-5083

Grade level(s): K-8
Subject(s): -
ART: 2D & 3D, drawing, painting, cartooning, ceramics, and working with inspiration from art history.
GUITAR: Electric, acoustic, or both (beginners to experts)
ROCK BAND: Coordinate with other instrumentalist friends to form a band; all instruments.
Instructor: David "Mr See" Condry - MB
Availability: Flexible
Location: TBD
Contact: (857) 413-1397

Grade level(s): K-4
Subject(s): Reading, Writing and Math
Instructor: Megan Isberg - MB
Availability: Flexible with scheduling
Location: 210 MB
Contact: (303) 748-2315
Grade level(s): K-2
Subject(s): Literacy (reading/writing), Math
Instructor: Kirsten Gaskell - CP
Availability: Mon-Fri, flexible hours
Location: CP Room 148
Contact: (520) 390-7187
Grade level(s): Grade 2-4
Subject(s): Math
Instructor: Jennifer Gant - CP
Availability: Very flexible!
Location: Can arrange with the family
Contact: (303) 886-7919
Grade level(s): Grade 1-3
Subject(s): Reading, Writing, Saxon 3/4
Instructor: Andrea Bambury - MB
Availability: Can arrange with the family
Location: MB Room 228
Contact: (901) 634-7033
Grade level(s): K-8
Subject(s): Technology and Language Arts
Instructor: Matt Murphy - CP
Availability: Open most days, flexible
Location: CP Room 135 Tech Lab
Contact: (720) 299-6292