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American Academy

About the Student Uniform

The academic environment is significantly influenced by student attire. The purpose of the uniform policy for Kindergarten through eighth grade (K-8) at American Academy is to promote learning, encourage modesty, reduce the distraction and cost of fashion, reduce disruptions and disciplinary problems, and promote school pride.
The American Academy student uniform is a key feature of the American Academy Mission. A school uniform is not the same thing as a school dress code; all uniform items at American Academy must come from our two approved uniform vendors, Dennis Uniform or School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger.
Parents and students are encouraged to review the Student Uniform Policy together to understand what items are allowed on school days according to the policy. The first two weeks of school will be a probationary period - the staff will work with your kids to make sure that everyone is in compliance and no uniform infractions will be given out.