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Social Media Impact Information:

This info is from a special Dean’s Digest from last spring, to relay some very important information in regard to social media and young children. Included are links to very informative websites and a YouTube video (about an hour and a half long) that is extremely eye opening. This information is to support any conversations you choose to have at home with your child. We understand the challenges that technology and social media have brought to the students and families and want to partner with you to ensure we are all educated in this new world that reaches beyond the scope of our younger years.


EDS Presentation on Social Media (May 2023)


Teens and Social Media Use: What’s the Impact?


The Dangers of Social Media for Teens

At the bottom of the Outback Treatment for Teens page (which has some amazing insights), there is a video that is super good (Is technology saving or enslaving us).


8 Dangers of Social Media to Discuss with Kids and Teens


YouTube Video:
Social Media Dangers Documentary – Childhood 2.0


Brooks Gibbs –Social Media Resiliency Video

Heart Your Haters

In these unprecedented times, humans are faced with a myriad of stressors. Our mental health team has seen a marked increase in anxiety within our AA community: students, parents, and staff alike are experiencing heightened feelings of stress, worry, anxiety, nervousness, and general unease.
In a partnership with DCSD, our mental health team was able to offer 2 parent nights with Scott Cypers, PhD, and expert in the field of anxiety and depression. If your student(s), loved ones, or even you yourself are feeling the strain of anxiety...this video is for you!
The concepts outlined by Dr. Cypers are applicable and actionable for any anxiety: school-based, test and homework, sports/activities, separation from caregivers, etc.
Access Scott Cypers' parent night recording with the passcode: zX6%9$@Q
Dr. Cypers is also collaborating with DCSD to put out smaller videos that take a deeper look at the concepts presented in his parent training. You can access the videos in this series, Helping Kids to Understand & Overcome Anxiety. 
For more resources pertaining to anxiety support for students and adults, please visit the resources linked further on this page (specific to the topics we see impacting AA students most frequently) or reach out to one of our mental health team members.
Emotional Regulation: 
Executive Functioning Resources:
Frustration Tolerance: 
Grieving and Loss: