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American Academy

2020-2021 Covid Data

2020-2021 American Academy’s Case Counts 


Below are our positive COVID-19 case counts, in total and by day, for students and staff since the start of the school year. The colors represent our three different campuses.

 Small graph of Covid 19 numbers by campus.

 Small graph of numbers diplayed in table form.

Percent of Students and Staff NOT Impacted by Quarantine

The graph below shows how many of our staff and students have NOT been affected or away from school because of quarantine by day. As you can see, the percentage of students and staff in school has been in the high 90% since school began in August, 2020.

Graph of % of Students and Staff NOT impacted by Quarantine.

American Academy Quarantined Students and Staff


These graphs show how many of our staff and students have been out on quarantine by day. The darker colors are quarantines initiated because of an exposure at American Academy (e.g. a cohort goes out because a classmate tests positive). The lighter colors are quarantines where the exposure happened outside American Academy (e.g. a single student is quarantined because their parent tested positive or because someone on their soccer team tested positive). It is important to note that quarantines are not an indication of spread (unless those on quarantine test positive, which would show up in the case counts).


Please note that the scales on the staff and student graphs are different (we have far fewer staff members than students).

Graph depicting total number of students and staff quarantined by day.