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American Academy

About Ms. Bokoski

Education:  B.A. Music, University of Colorado at Boulder, Teaching certificate K-6, University of Colorado at Boulder

Special awards:  18 years teaching at Children's Music Academy.

Home town:  Denver, Colorado


Hobbies:  Scrapbooking, Exercising, Hiking, Skiing

Family:  husband, son


Volunteering:  Worship Team at Ridgeline Community Church (piano and vocal), Vacation Bible School at Ridgeline Community Church (Summer) Assistant


Classroom wishes: Colored paper clips, Music sticky notes, music pens or pencils


Allergies: No allergies, I dislike milk chocolate, coconut and sugar soda


Coffee/tea: Iced Mocha (oat milk)


Snack: Dark chocolate (no milk chocolate), salted almonds, sour cream and onion potatoes chips, hot tamales


Night out restaurant: Red Robin or Mr. Ramen


Lunch restaurant: Chick-fil-A or Mod Pizza

Place to shop: Target


Clothing store/style: Kohls


Movies (out or in): Theater

Bookstore: Tattered Cover


Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Rose


Color: turquoise and red


Sports team(s): Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies


Silly fact about me: People can pick me out of a crowd because of my white hair and I collect music earrings.