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American Academy

About Ms. McKee

Education:  B.A Liberal Arts and Education, Colorado Christian University


Special awards:  Dean's List


Home town:  Highlands Ranch, Colorado


Hobbies:  Shopping, going to concerts, finding cool places to eat. Spending time with the people I love, reading, gem art


Family:  Mom, Dad, Brother, Cat


Classroom wishes: Fun posters, Pencil sharpener, Magnetic giant papers, Stamps, Fun prizes for students, Giant dice


Coffee/tea: White chocolate mochas and love any type of tea


Snack: Goldfish


Night out restaurant: Hops n Drops


Lunch restaurant: Chick fil a


Place to shop: Target


Clothing store/style: T.J Maxx


Movies (out or in): Home


Bookstore: Goodwill


Holiday: Christmas or Halloween


Flower: Daisy


Color: Pink


Sports team(s): Rockies, Avalanche, Chargers


Silly fact about me: I love scary movies and laugh when I get scared. My favorite movie is Trolls.