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Classroom News

January 2021

Happy New Year!  Thank you to all of you for making my birthday so special!  It was such a wonderful day!
Last week we had a review week as we came back from winter break!  The letters that we reviewed were: a, o, c, d, g, q, r, n, m, i, u, y and v.  This week we are introducing the letter w and that will be all the clock letters and the shortline letters! We will start the longline letters l and b this month as well!
For math and numbers we reviewed numbers 0-6.  This week we are learning 7!  I hope to finish chapter three in our Go Math curriculum by the end of this month covering numbers 8 and 9!
This month our themes are geography and mammals.  During geography week, we will talk about the continents of the world, the continent we live on, what country, what state and what town we live in.  This is a lot of information to cover in such a short period of time, so your child may need a little extra help learning these things with you!  Our mammal unit will cover 2 weeks and we will talk about all the different reasons an animal is classified as a mammal!  Our Classic Tale this month is the Elves and the Shoemaker!  We will listen to different versions of this tale and talk about the moral of the story: working hard and being grateful for those who help you!
In literacy we are continuing to work on each letter as it is introduced as well as the sounds each of them make!  As we learn the letters we are also learning beginning sounds of words to see if we can distinguish what letter it starts with!  We have also been working very hard at our sight words!  Please have your child practice reading our sight word books that they bring home every week!  As a recap the sight words we have learned so far this year are: dad, mom, a, I, the, see, you, my, can, look, love, at.  We will be introducing a few more this month!
Parent-Teacher conferences are January 20th and January 21st!  Look for a sign up genius to come out to sigh up!  I look forward to talking to each of you about your wonderful children!