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Performing Arts FAQs

Performing Arts ECAs (Extra Curricular Activities)

  • All ECAs registrations are completed through the school storeAAPA Logo
  • Students are not required to be enrolled in the Performing Arts certification program in order to register for a Performing Arts ECA. 

The Performing Arts catalog of extra curricular activities and courses has something for every grade level.  But many of the courses lean toward grade levels 5-8. Some of the ECAs offered to the lower grade level students include Rebel Drama, Rebel Choir, Elementary Musical, Rebel Dance, & Rebel Band and Orchestra, to name a few. 

All current ECA offerings can be found on the school store.

Performing Arts Extra Curricular Certification Program

Enrollment is open to all AA students and begins on July 1st of each school year. To facilitate programming, students should enroll no later than August 1st of each school year if possible, though enrollment remains open throughout the year. Students in grades 5-8 who are interested in enrolling in a certification track for performing arts in Theatre, Instrumental, Technical Theatre, or General Performance, must complete the enrollment forms and submit the $50 annual enrollment fee on the school store.

Advantages to enrollment include:

  • 20% discount on session specific courses (production events and private lessons may be excluded)
  • Recognition upon graduation from American Academy when a student completes all courses in their chosen track
  • AAPA staff will submit a personal introduction of each student and endorsement of certification to their high school performing arts staff and faculty
  • Frequently, high school programs will allow our graduates to opt out of entry level classes, and occasionally into AP classes in their freshman year.
  • Student learns to collaborate as they develop character and confidence.

$50.00 annually, paid upon registration each school year 

  • AAPA courses are held before school, after school, occasional weekends, as well as summer.
  • Course enrollments occur throughout the year in 3 sessions (fall/winter, spring, summer)
  • Grades 5-8
  • Students may enroll as early as 5th grade. Students enrolling in 5th grade will have more time to complete their required course of study
  • Students who wish to enroll in the program for the 1st time after sixth grade are welcome to do so, but will need to meet with advisors (AAPA Staff) to determine suitable alternatives to course work unable to be completed in traditional sequence. Options may include summer offerings, or independent study.

Students may select from the following certification tracks of study: (for descriptions click the track)





General Performance

Triple Threat

Technical Theatre


When enrolling in the program on the school store annually, you will be prompted to select from the various programming tracks, as to which path your student wishes to pursue.  Appointments may be scheduled with a Performing Arts staff member who can help advise your student as to which track maybe a good fit and which courses to complete for that tracks requirements. 
Additional details about the certification tracks can also be found in the AAPA Handbook.

Upon confirmation of enrollment, students will be placed on a certification plan based on the chosen track, this will require consistent participation in AAPA programming in order to complete all requirements by the end of the students 8th grade year. 
Students should plan to make a concerted effort to remain consistent throughout their years of study at American Academy. While students may opt to decline participation for specific sessions should conflicts, or other
priorities arise, students must complete all required courses with a 90% attendance rate prior to graduation from American Academy in order to receive their final certification.
Additional offerings during summer sessions can assist the student in accomplishing that end, should a temporary session withdrawal become preferential or unavoidable. 

Further details on program requirements can be found in the AAPA Handbook.

Yes, certification enrollment is available even subsequent to courses taken, should the student decide at a later date to pursue track certification, however, there are no discounts or refunds on previously completed courses. Previously completed courses can count toward requirements of the students now chosen track provided the 90% attendance rate is met for said course.

Session Schedule:

  • Session 1: September - December (FALL/WINTER)
  • Session 2: January - May (SPRING)
  • Session 3: June-July (SUMMER)

*Note: Sessions dates can vary, but generally the above schedule is the guide. Some courses may extend across multiple sessions.

Additional information about the AAPA certif